How It Works

YouiRewards offers real savings / for individuals

At Youi, we’re all about the things that make you, well, you. Your car. Your home. Your lifestyle. They’re what make you an individual. And we want to help you be that individual.

So, we’ve made YouiRewards. A program that helps you live how you want to live, by letting you save on the things you love. When you sign up, you’ll get great deals on some of Australia’s best brands that could help you save on your car, home and more.

Your insurance is for individuals like you, so your rewards should be too.

Got a policy?

  1. Go to the My Policies tab
  2. Follow the prompts to link your policies

Got a promo code?

  1. Go to your Home Screen
  2. Enter your promo code

Got neither?

  1. Get a quote with us today to become a Youi customer