Youi SmartDrive user discount offer

Youi Pty Ltd (Youi) may offer a discount on insurance premium to its Policyholders who participate in its telematics program, Youi
SmartDrive and meet the Qualifying Criteria set out in these terms and conditions or any revisions made in accordance with paragraph 2
(“the Offer”).

The Offer commences on 1 February 2018 (“the Offer Start Date”). Youi may amend the Offer or these terms and conditions, or discontinue the Offer and/or SmartDrive at any time without notice.

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for the Offer, you must fulfil and satisfy the:

  1. Policy Obligation;
  2. Youi SmartDrive Registration and App Obligation; and
  3. Driving Data Obligation.
  4. (together, the Qualifying Criteria)

Policy Obligation

The Offer is conditional on you being a Youi Car Insurance Policyholder and fulfilling the policy obligations pursuant to the relevant Car
Insurance Product Disclosure Statement. The discount will only be offered on SmartDrive Policy/ies (as defined in paragraph 5).

A SmartDrive Policy is an active Youi Car Insurance Policy (but excludes policies that are noted for Business Use) that has been linked to
your account in the Youi App in accordance with the App Terms of Use and YouiRewards Terms and Conditions. For the avoidance of
doubt, Youi Car Insurance Policies that are noted as Business Use are not SmartDrive Policies.

Youi SmartDrive Registration and App Obligation

Your participation in SmartDrive and the Offer is conditional on you:

  1. downloading the Youi App;
  2. creating an account;
  3. registering for Youi SmartDrive in the Youi App; and
  4. ensuring you have activated the relevant features on your smartphone to allow Youi to collect data.

Youi SmartDrive Registration and App Obligation

Youi will record and collect telematics data via your smartphone when you register for SmartDrive.

You must agree to the Youi App Terms of Use to fulfil the Driving Data Obligation, particularly, you must ensure you have enabled:

location services on your smartphone and those location services are set to always share with the Youi App; and

cellular data on your smartphone and the Youi App can use that cellular data. You agree that your telephone service provider’s
data rates will apply and that these will be for your own account. Any other fees, charges or costs should be confirmed with your
telephone service provider and will, in all circumstances, be for your own account.

You will fulfil the Driving Data Obligation when Youi has collected and recorded at distance of driving data on as determined by Youi from
time to time on your SmartDrive account.

Youi SmartDrive User Discount

If you fulfil the Qualifying Criteria, a 10% discount will be applied on the latter of a future amendment date or within 10 business days to
each SmartDrive Policy for the remainder of each SmartDrive Policy’s current contract period.

Any SmartDrive Policy that you purchase after fulfilling the Qualifying Criteria will also have a 10% discount applied within 10 business days
of that policy becoming an SmartDrive Policy for the remainder of the current contract period.

At its discretion, Youi may continue to apply the SmartDrive User Discount on renewal of any SmartDrive Policy.

Your policy documentation will confirm whether the SmartDrive User Discount has been applied and contain details of the premium that is

Youi Policies are subject to our usual underwriting and pricing criteria and the relevant Product Disclosure Statement. Minimum premiums
may apply.

Other Terms

This offer is valid for SmartDrive Policies issued and underwritten by Youi Pty Ltd and Australia customers only. The offer is not available in
New Zealand.

The Youi App is subject to terms of use by downloading the App and registering for SmartDrive, you agree to those terms.

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Version 1
Prepared 24 November 2017