Get peace of mind with our Third Party Fire and Theft Cover

Looking to protect yourself from footing the bill for damages your watercraft causes - plus a bit more? Then Third Party Fire & Theft cover could be for you. It's designed to suit your needs & budget if comprehensive cover isn’t for you.


We've got you covered

Offering a diverse range of cover for your watercraft, you can relax knowing it’s in safe hands when you select Third Party Fire and Theft. 


Under Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft we cover your watercraft for damage caused by fire.

Cover for your watercraft for damage caused by theft or attempted theft.

Cover includes cover for damage to the watercraft caused by earthquake.

If you’re involved in an insured event that means you can no longer safely use your watercraft, and you’re more than 100km from where the watercraft is usually kept, we’ll pay up to $1000 for your emergency accommodation, transport or repairs.

We’ve got you covered to the tune of $10million if your watercraft causes damage to someone else’s property.

If you use your watercraft for watersports and it results in injury or death to other people, including the person being towed, or causes damage to someone else’s property you’re covered up to $10million.

After an insured event we’ll pay the reasonable cost of salvaging the watercraft wreck as well as towing to a suitable place. We’ll also pay the reasonable costs to prevent further loss or damage. 

If the keys to your watercraft are stolen, we’ll cover the cost of replacing the keys and recoding the locks.

It’s not just your watercraft we’ve got covered in the event of an insured event; we’ll look after your contents inside it too. Up to $750 of cover, up to $150 per item and you also have the option to upgrade this cover to up to $1000 per item.

Cover for $10,000 for death or $5,000 for personal injury if you are injured when using the watercraft.

If your watercraft’s signwriting is damaged due to an insured event we’ll pay up to $500 to replace it.

Set a new ANSA (Australian National Sportfishing Association) fishing record and we’ll pay you $200.

If you’re watercraft suffers loss or damage due to an insured event we’ll cover up to $1000 for any mooring cancellation or re-booking fees you incur.

We’ll pay $500 to the helicopter or coast guard rescue service that rescued you from your stranded watercraft if we also accept and pay a claim for the same event.

Up to $1,500 per household member to cover the cost of counselling sessions after a claim.

Optional Cover

To add a little more protection and make sure your cover works for you.

Upgrade the level of cover for your contents inside your watercraft up to $1000 per item.