Response to the article: "Does Youi owe you? insurer accused of billing without consent."

This response refers to a recent media article relating to Youi in which it is alleged the Company condoned the practice of billing customers without their consent.

We take the allegations extremely seriously. We confirm they do not reflect our values or culture. We vehemently deny that management condoned any such behaviours. We reject the assertion that ‘potentially thousands of people [who] have had money taken from their accounts by insurance giant Youi without authorisation or notice’. We also confirm that where we have enough information about the customers whose complaints are noted in the article, we have ensured that they are resolved.

Youi has a robust compliance framework in place which includes reviewing call recordings and customer transactions to ensure adherence to process and customer service delivery. Any deviations are addressed by remedying the issue, reinforcing expectations through training and, if necessary, taking more serious corrective action.

We ensure that the documents we provide to customers are detailed, clear and easy to read. They therefore provide details of all responses a customer has provided to Youi’s questions.

Youi has a whistle blowing policy in place which affords whistle blowers anonymity and protection in line with relevant legislation. We encourage our staff to report any concerns they identify; to date we have had no whistle blowing reports in relation to the issues raised in the article.

Youi strongly denies that information is deliberately mis-captured in order to reject claims. Contrary to the allegation, we exist to pay claims and have an excellent claims paying reputation. We work closely with our regulators; as a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice, we are committed to its aims of raising industry standards of customer service. We are also a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service to which disputes can be referred for an independent review.

The article misrepresents information about Youi’s remuneration system. Our system rewards performance using key features which include customer satisfaction, quantity and compliance measures to ensure our staff deliver positive experiences. Our core values, specifically awesome service and honesty guide behaviour to ensure the same outcome.

Youi CEO Danie Matthee says “We take responsibility for the actions of our people and when mistakes occur we respond immediately to resolve them. We give recognition to those people whose commitment to our core values ensures that we continually delight our customers. Customer satisfaction and being transparent are core to our culture as demonstrated on the Youi Wall with a 92% satisfaction score. We welcome feedback which provides us with an opportunity to improve and we actively follow up with anyone who indicates they have had an unsatisfactory experience.

We remain committed to serving present and future customers to provide quality products and awesome service. We are proud of Youi’s growth and the opportunity we have had to help thousands of customers since our launch in 2008.”

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