Youi wins National Well Being Award

Sunshine Coast based insurer Youi has been awarded Australia’s best when it comes to maintaining the health and wellbeing of its 1000 staff across the nation.   

For the second time in three years the Youi YourLife Program has won the national HR Award for the “Best Health & Wellbeing Program”.

“The Youi YourLife Program founded in February 2014 and built around one of our company values “Human”, provides staff with hundreds of opportunities to be healthy and happy at work and at home,” said Frank Costigan Youi CEO.

“The YourLife Program works by rewarding staff for participating in events, activities, challenges and actions developed around promoting their own health, wealth and happiness including on-site flu vaccinations, tax returns, skin cancer checks, heart health checks and health appraisals (cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, etc.).

“Staff join the wellbeing journey by logging their participation via an internal portal which can also be used to access more than 50 benefits, or keep up to date with internal news and blogs,” said Mr Costigan.

“A key point of difference of our program is the fitness element including group sessions, boot camps, circuit training, yoga, kickboxing and pilates which are all run entirely in-house by a full-time fitness professional who develops custom timetables of weekly activities based on employee feedback.”

In addition to the fitness side, the YourLife Program also includes financial planning, superannuation support and savings advice. “We invite subject matter experts on site to hold discussions with staff around finance, mortgage comparisons, estate planning, tax returns, health insurance – you name it, we get them here.”   

“The program has been an enormous success with the direct results of the YourLife program found in overall less staff sick days, higher levels of staff satisfaction and increased staff retention.

“The program has also created tremendous brand awareness with many potential candidates, when asked why they want to work at Youi, say they’ve heard about our health and wellbeing program,” said Mr Costigan.

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