Speed Cameras an Effective Deterrent

When a driver is speeding, it takes more time for their vehicle to stop. Speeding drivers have a compromised ability to react to all that is happening around them, and crashes involving speed tend to be more severe.
When you’re an occupant of a car, the risk of being killed in a collision with another vehicle increases with the speed, and a higher risk accompanies a side impact than frontal impact collision.
In the UK, it is recorded that approximately 500 people lose their lives and 3,000 people are injured seriously as a result of drivers and riders exceeding the speed limit.
In 2010, travelling faster than the speed limit contributed to 7% of all people seriously injured on British roads, and 14% of all fatalities on the roads. To consider these statistics differently, 241 people died and almost 1,500 more people were seriously injured on British roads in 2010 as a result of speed.
Speed cameras have been shown to be an effective way of dissuading drivers from speeding, and have subsequently reduced the number of people who are killed or seriously injured. An independent review showed that speed cameras reduce speeds, which not only saves lives but also reduce car insurance premiums.

Source:  http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety/adviceandinformation/driving/speed/speed-cameras.aspx

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