Things to Know about ABS

Things to Know about ABS

A type of electronic braking tool, Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), was developed to assist a driver to control a vehicle under heavy braking. In such conditions, ABS prevents the wheels of a vehicle from locking up.

An ABS includes electric sensors that track the speed of a wheel as it rotates, and identifies whether it is susceptible to locking up when braking. In this event, the brakes are automatically released and very quickly reapplied.

To prevent skidding, this process occurs a number of times, which also allows the driver to steer the vehicle and potentially avoid a collision.

The primary advantage of ABS is that it affords a driver control over the steering of the vehicle. Because of the reduced risk of skidding, drivers of vehicles with ABS will have a greater chance of being able to steer around an obstacle.

When purchasing or driving a new car, it is important to know whether it has ABS. Whether or not a vehicle has ABS determines the actions that a driver should take in an emergency situation, and may even determine whether money can be saved on car insurance.

The handbook of a vehicle can provide information about the safety features of a car and whether it has ABS. 


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