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Youi Study: Motorcycle Crashes are more severe on weekends

If you're a motorcyclist yourself or know someone who is, our latest findings will be of interest to you.

In a recent study of our Youi Insurance Motorcycle Claims data, we found that motorcycle riders were more likely to be involved in a crash on a Saturday or Sunday when compared to weekdays, and that weekend crashes are more severe.

The study suggests that when it comes to motorcycles, there are two distinct riders; the weekday rider and the weekend rider. Based on the considerable difference in weekday and weekend claims and the fact that over half of all weekend claims involved no third party, it is probable that the later group may take to the roads on weekends to test their riding skills and abilities, resulting in more frequent and more severe crashes.

Here are some of our most stand-out findings from the study, followed by tips on how to reduce your risk of a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Claims Frequency Findings

  • Riders are 43.3% more likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash on a Saturday compared to weekdays
  • Riders are 27.7% more likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash on a Sunday compared to weekdays
  • Claims are most severe on Sundays, with the average Sunday claim cost 42.7% higher compared to weekday crashes
  • The average Saturday claim cost is 37.4% higher than on weekdays
  • Weekday motorcycle crashes peak between 8am-9am and 3pm-6pm, coinciding with morning and afternoon commutes 
  • 54.6% of all motorcycle crashes over weekend periods involve no third party, compared to 37.4% on weekdays
  • One-third of weekend claims occur on a leisure trip, compared to only 10.4% during weekdays

Tips for reducing your risk of a motorcycle crash

  • Always wear an approved standards helmet 
  • Wear appropriate tear resistant clothing including long pants and jacket
  • Wear safety equipment covering eyes, feet and hands when riding
  • Dress to make yourself more visible
  • Ensure your pillion passenger is wearing the right safety gear
  • Always ride to the conditions  

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