Bedroom furniture and a desk in a light airy room
At Home

Is Your Home Underinsured?

Underinsurance is an issue that is running rampant across Australia. Did you know that the Insurance Council of Australia estimates that roughly 83...
Close up photo of an electric car bonnet
On The Road

AI and Self-Driving Cars: What Does the Future of Transportation Look Like?

We tend to think of self-driving cars as a thing of the future, but it turns out that the future could actually be just around the corner if not...
Cars parked next to one another at a dealership
On The Road

How to Buy a New or Used Vehicle Amidst Dealer Shortages

Are you in the market for a new or used car? You might be finding it difficult to track down the exact vehicle you’re after or you’ve noticed that...
Photo of couple sitting on floor with paint buckets and brushes in hand
At Home

Handling Home Insurance Cover After a Renovation

Whether you’re making a few upgrades around the house or you’re undergoing a full-blown renovation, when things change around the house your home...
Photo of a thunderstorm at night
At Home

Could Climate Change Impact The Way Homes Are Insured?

From catastrophic fires to devastating floods and severe storms, Australia has witnessed first hand the rise in extreme weather events due to clima...
Two people sitting at a table with paperwork and pens
On The Road

What You Need to Know About Car Insurance Excess

When it comes to car insurance, Aussies certainly recognise the value of having a good policy. But the policy's details and ins and outs can often...
Hybrid car being recharged
On The Road

Australia’s Most Environmentally Friendly Cars

As people become more aware of the impact of their consumption on the environment, it's no surprise that more individuals are making the switch fro...
Person taking photo of damage to car bonnet
On The Road

Car Insurance Claims: A Guide to Claiming with Your Car Insurance Policy

Being involved in a car accident is taxing enough without the added stress of a complicated claims process. That's why the team of dedicated claims...
Black and white image of NRL player Jason Nightingale
In The Community

Stories of Change – Jason Nightingale

When you’ve spent your twenties and early thirties living and breathing elite Rugby League, you can’t help it being a big part of your identity....
Black and white image of Teleah Waitoa
In The Community

Stories of Change – Teleah Waitoa

Rugby League is the greatest game of all, but it’s also a community that looks after each other during tough times. Watch aspiring NRLW player Tele...
Black and white image of Ben Hunt's face
In The Community

Stories of Change – Ben Hunt

Rugby League really is a game of moments, and it only takes a split-second for a game, a career, a legacy, to change. NRL star Ben Hunt relives one...
Black and white image of NRL Player Michael Morgan
In The Community

Stories of Change – Michael Morgan

Rugby League really is a game of moments, and it only takes a split-second for a game, a career, a legacy, to change. Retired NRL star Michael Morg...
Photo of Sydney Harbour Bridge
On The Road

What Car Insurance Do You Need in NSW?

From comprehensive insurance to third party fire and theft, there’s a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to car insurance. But one...
Lady standing with car bonnet up
On The Road

Will Your Car Insurance Cover Mechanical Faults?

Depending on the type of car insurance you have, you may be covered for a wide range of insured events. With comprehensive insurance, you will be...
Gold Plain Language Certification Logo
In The Community

Straight-talking approach strikes gold

At Youi, we like to keep it simple. Whether it’s on the phone or online, we’ve always been committed to making things clear and easy to understand....
Outline of a person kicking a rugby ball
In The Community

Can you kick a goal in a storm?

If you think you can, get along to the Youi Virtual Kick challenge to test yourself. You’ll get three attempts to kick the virtual ball through the...
Motorbike parked on a grass hill.
On The Road

Motorbike Insurance Requirements in Australia: What You Need to Know

Anyone who owns and rides a motorbike knows that riding can be dangerous. Accidents can and do happen. Whether your motorbike is essential for your...
Damaged car bonnet
On The Road

What Happens When Someone Without Insurance Hits Your Car

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you’d know they can be stressful, traumatic and extremely expensive. So, it’s not surprising that lots of...
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