House with outdoor area
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Comparing Home and Contents Insurance Providers: What to Look For

If you’re like most people, your home is probably the most expensive and valuable asset you’ll ever own. So having the right home insurance can...
Saurabh sitting in his parked car as it gets assessed by a Youi assessor
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Getting Saurabh sorted - A Youi claims case study

One minute Saurabh was picking up some hardware supplies, the next he was nursing his bruised and battered car back home. A huge hailstorm had...
Jenny emotionally explaining the event
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Getting Jenny sorted - A Youi claims case study

Jenny was told she might get a little flooding downstairs, but not to worry. When she reached down from her bed in the middle of the night and felt...
Flood waters rushing under a barrier
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What to do when you return to your property after flood

Following a severe weather event, it can be a stressful experience when returning to your home or business, especially if there’s been damage to yo...
Michael and Saffron standing in front of their home during the repair process
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Getting Michael sorted - A Youi claims case study

When a huge hailstorm hit Michael and Saffron’s home, things went from calm to carnage in a matter of minutes. Gigantic hailstones destroying roof...
Nicole on the phone while sitting in her parked car
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Getting Nicole sorted - A Youi claims case study

There was no escaping the damage to Nicole’s two cars. The hailstorm hit so quickly that both of her vehicles got absolutely hammered, with the...
Car driving near pedestrian crossing in city street
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Why Does Car Insurance Vary by Make and Model?

When you're thinking about buying a car, it’s often the make and model that you settle on first. But did you know that the make and model of your c...
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10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Building & Contents Insurance

When buying home and contents insurance, it is important that you find a product that is both good value for money and gives security to your...
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Choosing the Best Car Insurance for Your Needs: 10 Questions to Consider

Looking for new car insurance ? Use the following 10 questions to help narrow your search for new policies and providers:
Two cars colliding
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Could Cheap Car Insurance Cost You More in the Long Run?

Cheaper premiums aren't always the best option. What looks like a great car insurance deal on paper can leave you on the hook for unexpected...
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What to Look for When Comparing Comprehensive Car Insurance Quotes

Let’s be honest, for many of us comprehensive car insurance is just one of those products we know we need but still love to hate. At the very least...
Caravan on open road
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What to Do if Your Caravan Breaks Down

Kicking off a road trip with a caravan along for the ride is a great Australian tradition — before the pandemic, caravan trips exceeded 13 million ...
Corner couch with cushions and a coffee table.
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Moving in with a Partner? Check Your Home Insurance Cover

Moving in with a partner is an exciting stage in a relationship — and in life overall.
Black and white photo of hail stones falling on roof of car.
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Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Whether you’re buying a new car or insuring an existing one, understanding what’s included in your vehicle insurance can feel daunting.
Black and white image of all star Youi Assessor, Mark
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Who do you call when there’s a car in your living room?

It was just another Sunday night — the footy had finished and Stephen Bailey was turning off the lights when catastrophe struck: an out-of-control...
Man on computer researching home insurance
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Ways to Save on Home Insurance

Savings and Youi go together like good cheese and fine wine. And as it happens, you might be able to afford a lot more of both if you switch your...
Youi Employees
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People-First Approach Pays Off

At Youi, it’s no secret that our people are pretty special to us. We invest heavily in providing programs and a work environment that are positive...
2019 Toyota RAV4
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Expert Review: Toyota RAV4

We’ve teamed up with the experts at CarAdvice to bring you honest, no holds barred reviews of some of Australia’s most popular vehicles. Here’s wha...
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