Youi Life Changes — Bali and Eti get a new car for their daughter. Youi Life Changes — Frank is retiring after many years. Youi Life Changes — Jo and Tim are relocating their home.

When your life changes, your insurance should too.

There are life changes you plan for and others that take you by complete surprise. Whether small or monumental, one thing guaranteed is that there will always be change. No matter what life change you’re experiencing you can trust Youi to be there for you.

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When you lodge a claim you are required to pay an excess. These excesses may apply to your claim and are on your policy schedule:

Basic Excess

This is the initial amount payable by you on any claim.

Additional Excess

In some instances an additional excess will apply to your claim.

Unlisted Driver Excess

If the car was driven by a driver who is not noted on the policy schedule (and who is not otherwise excluded) an additional Unlisted Driver Excess will apply.

Windscreen Excess

The windscreen excess is the same as the basic excess unless you choose the option to reduce your excess for windscreen claims.

One Excess

If you have multiple policies with Youi and you lodge a claim for damage that occurs at the same place arising from the same single event, you will only be required to pay one excess.

We get that one size fits all insurance doesn't actually fit all.

With optional insurance extras and flexible excess levels, all of our products can be tailored to your needs and the cover that you're after.

Yes. We now offer an optional extra for Choice of Repairer. Just select and pay for this option on our comprehensive Car Insurance policies and you can chose your own repairer.

Please refer to your PDS for further information.

Youi offers CTP Green Slip insurance cover in NSW. To register your motor vehicle in NSW, you’ll need to have CTP Green Slip Insurance. You can choose who you purchase your CTP Insurance from (hint: we’re a great choice, but that’s probably why you’re here).

Youi has been operating in Australia after being authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and receiving its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) from ASIC on 01 March 2008. However, the company can trace its origins back to 1998 through its sister company, OUTsurance.

Our office is located at 2 Smart Drive, Sippy Downs, Queensland.

Call: 13 YOUI (9684)
Post: PO Box 849, Buddina, Queensland 4575

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At Youi, we believe that whatever type or size of claim you're dealing with, it’s your crisis; your personal disaster.
Our job is to get onto it and get it sorted.