Akshay's reasons.


Akshay parks securely overnight. Great for his premium!

With YouiRewards®, he could also save a minimum of $300 with Secure Parking...

Pay for 6 months, get 7!

...and parking securely during the day could help lower his premium even more.


Youi clients have saved over $1 million with our YouiRewards® partners.

Learn more about YouiRewards®.

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Roadside Assistance

24/7 Roadside Assistance is included as standard with every comprehensive Car & Motorcycle policy.

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Who's in the car

Katie Burch gets to know celebrities better in this video series, like only she can.

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Make a claim 24/7 — 365

Stuff happens. We'll get it sorted when it does.

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NRL Fan of the week

Win a $200 voucher to spend with one of the YouiRewards® Prize Partners, plus 200 YouiDollars to use in app.


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We get you.

At Youi, we get that you’re different. So is the way you drive, the house you have, and the places you take your boat to over summer.

We think your insurance should be different, too. That’s why you’ll find we’re not like the other insurers out there. We ask more questions and make less assumptions because the better we get to know you, the more we could help you save.

Drive a short distance? Light colored car? Work from home? No shed on your property? These are just a few of the reasons why you could save lots with us. Because at Youi, you get a premium that’s as unique as you are.