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It's your business.

Protect it with our business liability insurance.

You've put your all into your business and you work hard to keep it going. So when it comes to protecting it, you want an insurance policy that works hard for you, too.

Whether you’re a tradie or running a market stall, our business liability insurance (typically referred to as public and products liability insurance) covers your business' liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties and damage to their property (i.e. members of the public). It also covers the business's liability for incidents relating to the business's products.


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Do you need public liability insurance?

Here are some examples of if or when your Public Liability Insurance would come in handy.

Market Stall
You own a market stall but fail to secure it properly one weekend, and a gust of wind blows your gazebo onto your neighbour's market stall, damaging their property. As a Youi Business Liability insurance customer, we’d cover the cost of damages for the property damage if you were responsible to pay them to your neighbour.
You run a small plumbing business and when one of your employees was completing some hot work on a client's home, a spark went unnoticed and ended up causing a small fire, setting the client's bathroom on fire. Your business is responsible for the property damage, but luckily, your Youi Business Liability insurance covers the costs.
You have a painting business and one day when painting a wall, the tin gets knocked off the scaffolding and spills all over a parked car below. You're responsible for the property damage to the car, and since you have Youi Business Liability insurance, it's all covered.
One of your electricians did a job a few months ago at a customer's home. Unfortunately, due to some work that the electrician carried out, the meter box has caught fire and your business is responsible for property damage to the customer's home. As a Youi Business Liability customer, your responsibility to pay damages to the customer is covered.