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Ah, the ACT. Home to Canberra – the Bush Capital and the beating heart of our nation. Being such a great place for road trips and with so many iconic sights to see, having a great car insurance policy for your vehicle is ideal when driving in Canberra, throughout the ACT and beyond. Explore the possibilities with Youi.

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Did you know that the name ‘Canberra’ was derived from a local Aboriginal word for ‘meeting place’? Yep. It was chosen as the name for the new city in 1913, however some cheeky alternative suggestions were ‘Cookaburra’, ‘Swindleville’ and ‘Gonebroke’.1

Today, residents of the ACT know that having the right car insurance is important when driving on the Territory’s rural and city roads. And Youi has some great options.

From Canberra to Cotter River, Gungahlin to Greenway, and Belconnen to Braddon, Youi helps residents right across the ACT choose quality car insurance that suits their circumstances. For car insurance in the ACT, chat to the team at Youi today.

Choose your cover.

Choosing the right level of cover for your vehicle in the ACT can be tricky. But with Youi, we make it easier, with clear info on inclusions and optional extras, so you can see what is (and isn’t) included in our policies.

ACT drivers switched and saved.*

It's true. Around 84% of people in the ACT who switched to Youi told us they saved on their car insurance.*

How much did they save?

An average of $208 per year*

In fact, our ACT customers told us
they saved $165 thousand*

Figures are based on feedback received from 940 Youi policy-holders residing in the ACT who responded to an opt-in survey between 20 May 2023 and 19 May 2024. Survey results are based on information provided by new customers and have not been independently verified by Youi. Youi has not undertaken a comparison between surveyed customers’ former product and its own. Survey results include customers who bought car insurance products. Premiums and savings are subject to rating and underwriting and individuals’ own circumstances.
* Disclaimer

Need roadside assistance? We’re on our way.

If you run into trouble out on the road, Youi roadside assistance is available to help if you have a Comprehensive car or motorcycle policy.

Between 16th November 2020 and 16th November 2022 in the ACT, we did 1,214 call-outs, the majority of which were for battery problems.2 Our roadside assistance comes standard with every Comprehensive policy and is just a phone call away.3


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Roadside assistance features automatically included with Comprehensive car and motorcycle cover.3

  • Vehicle towing
  • Emergency fuel
  • Flat or faulty batteries
  • Bogged vehicle
  • Taxi
  • Lost or locked keys
  • Caravan / trailer assistance

Some limits and fees can apply, check out the T&Cs for more info.

What features might ACT drivers look for in their car insurance?

With so many features to select from, choosing the right car insurance policy can feel overwhelming. If you live in Canberra or the wider Territory, here are some useful features to consider looking out for, as they can have a significant impact on your car insurance premium.

  • Flexible payments
    Want to split up your payments over the year to make bill paying easier? With Youi, you can pay for 12 months of car insurance in one lump sum or over 12 monthly instalments. It might cost you a bit extra to pay monthly, but some people go with this option as it works better for their finances.4
  • New car replacement
    With Youi, if your new car is a total loss within 2 years of it being first registered, we’ll replace it or pay you the replacement cost.5 Now that’s a silver lining.
  • Reduced excess for windscreens
    If your windscreen, window glass or sunroof glass gets damaged on ACT roads, or on other roads across Australia, don’t stress – you may be able to opt for a reduced excess for claims that solely involve these parts of your car.6
  • Hire car following an incident
    Not being able to drive your car for a while after it’s been stolen or damaged in an accident where you weren’t at fault can really throw out the daily routine. That’s why certain Youi car insurance policies include a hire car for up to 14 days after some insured events.7

The cost of Comprehensive car insurance in the ACT.

The cost of Comprehensive car insurance in the ACT may vary between customers, so it’s tricky to find an average cost without considering personal circumstances. That being said, here are some factors that may impact what your car insurance policy ends up costing.

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Youi car insurance FAQs

Got questions about car insurance in the ACT? You might find the answers below.


In the ACT, every driver must have Motor Accident Injury (MAI) insurance. This type of cover is equivalent to CTP insurance in most other states, or ‘Green Slip’ insurance in NSW. MAI covers your liability for injuries or deaths to third parties in an accident where you’re at fault.8

As well as MAI insurance, you may want to consider a car insurance policy with a greater level of cover when living in the ACT, such as a Youi Comprehensive car insurance policy, a Third Party Fire & Theft policy or a Third Party Property Only policy.

MAI/CTP/Green Slip insurance covers your liability for injuries or deaths to third parties in an accident where you’re at fault. This type of car insurance policy is mandatory if you want to drive legally in the ACT and in Australia. It goes by different names depending on the state or territory, and CTP insurer availability can differ between states and territories.8

Comprehensive car insurance, on the other hand, is an optional motor accident insurance that covers repair costs for yourself and other drivers, regardless of who’s at fault in an accident. It can also provide coverage for a number of other insured events, such as theft, fire, accidental damage, intentional damage, and most severe weather events like storms, hail and floods.

You have a few options for paying your MAI insurance:

MAI insurance covers your liability for injuries or deaths to third parties in an accident where you’re at fault. It’s a compulsory car insurance policy in Canberra and the wider Australian Capital Territory, and you’ll need it in order to register your vehicle.8

The MAI scheme started in the ACT on 1 February 2020, replacing the previous CTP Insurance Scheme. Drivers who had paid for their CTP Insurance policies when they registered their vehicles before 1 February 2020 may have received (or be due to receive) a refund of the difference between the higher priced CTP car insurance and the lower priced MAI premium.9

You can find out more about MAI refunds on the ACT Government Motor Accident Injuries Commission website.

For Youi, yes, there are certain exclusions for each level of car insurance we offer in the ACT. Here are just some that are worth being aware of.

Some of the exclusions with Youi Third Party Property Only cover are accidental damage, intentional damage, storm, hail and flood damage, fire, theft, and personal injury-related costs to third parties.

Some of the exclusions with Youi Third Party Fire & Theft cover are accidental damage, intentional damage, storm, hail or flood, roadside assistance, hire car following an accident, and personal injury-related costs to third parties.

Some of the exclusions with Youi Comprehensive cover are damage due to poor materials or workmanship, incidents outside your coverage period, coverage for improper drivers, and effects of the climate or weather.

For full details on our car insurance policy exclusions, read the Product Disclosure Statement.

This is a complicated question and largely depends on your personal circumstances. However, there are a couple of things you might want to consider when taking out car insurance in the ACT that may lower the cost of your premium.

  • Restrict the age of the people driving your car. Drivers under the age of 25 may be subject to an additional excess.4
  • Increase your excess. You can reduce your premium by having a higher excess, but this means you’ll pay more when you have to claim.4


We’ve put together some handy guides covering some of our customers’ most asked questions about car insurance. Take a look to see how they can help.

Youi car insurance is focused on you.

Take a look at the thousands of reviews from everyday Australians just like you who trust Youi to get them back on the road. Start a quote online today. It could save you lots.

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1 Australian Government, National Capital Authority.
2 Based on Youi internal data.
3 Available with Comprehensive policies, some limits and fees may apply. For more details, see the PDS.
4 For more details, see the PDS.
5 If your car is a total loss from an insured event within 24 months of it being first registered, we’ll replace it with a new one or pay the equivalent replacement cost.
6 An additional cost applies. For more details, see the PDS.
7 Hire car is included for theft and not-at-fault accidents under Comprehensive policies and for theft under Third Party Fire & Theft policies. Limits to this inclusion apply. Hire car for other insured events is an optional cover under Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft policies, which incurs additional fees. For more details, see the PDS.
8 Source: Motor Accident Injuries Commission – Your MAI insurance.
9 Source: Motor Accident Injuries Commission - Premium surplus refund.