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At Youi, we like to keep things clear and simple. In a crowded insurance market, we know that you’ll shop around and compare car insurance Australia-wide. So it’s important to us that you understand the differences in the types of cover we offer, and can make the right decision to suit your lifestyle, and back pocket. If you have all the information, the choice is easy when it comes time to compare car insurance quotes.

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This product comparison chart will help you make your decision. It’s clear and simple, because at Youi - we get you.

Third Party Fire & Theft
Third Party Property Only
Not Covered

^ Youi roadside assistance is subject to limitations and exclusions.

About our product guide

We’re confident in our products, and we work hard to stay on top of the field. We’ve put together a comparison guide so you can easily compare comprehensive car insurance with our other policies and find one that fits. Our comprehensive cover offers our best cover. This cover pretty much takes care of everything from accidents, fire, theft, towing costs, emergency accommodation costs, roadside assistance, storm damage, vandalism, and even earthquake damage. And you can add extra cover if you use your car for work or have a caravan or motorhome.

If that doesn’t fit your budget, take a look at what we offer with our third party, fire and theft cover. It’s ideal for the budget-conscious and still packed with features to protect you, and there are some smart add-on optional covers too.

If you’re looking to compare third party property only car insurance, our policy offers $20 million in legal liability cover - that’s all-important protection should you cause damage to someone else’s property in an accident. Your car will also be covered up to $5,000 if it's damaged by an uninsured driver. Conditions apply, see the PDS for full details.

We know there’s loads of choice out there, that's why we offer a range of covers that fit any lifestyle and any budget. Depending on how, and when you use your car, we’ll tailor a policy that works for you and is as unique as you are. Because when, where and how you drive your car is unique to you. For car insurance that values you for who you are, and how you drive, start a quote.

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At Youi, we believe that whatever type or size of claim you’re dealing with, it’s your crisis; your personal disaster. Our job is to get onto it and get it sorted.

Most asked car insurance questions

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We get that one size fits all car insurance doesn't actually fit all.

So while you'll find we offer standard car insurance products like ComprehensiveThird Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Property Only, you'll also find they're anything but standard.

With optional insurance extras and flexible excess levels, all of our car products can be tailored to the way you use your car and the cover that you're after.

Not sure where to start? Use the table above to choose which level of car insurance cover is closest to what you're after, then start a quote.

That promotion at work, a new apartment, the new bike you now ride to work. With Youi, even the smallest change in your situation could save you money on your car insurance. So don't wait, make the switch and see how much you could save with a tailored car insurance quote. Call or start a quote online.

Any time is a good time to switch insurers if it means being in better hands, saving more money or getting better value from your policy. At Youi, it could mean all three. Get a quote with us anytime to see if the time is right for you to make the switch.

We offer flexible excess levels, so you can tailor our products to your needs and the cover you're after.

Yes. We offer Choice of Repairer as an optional extra. Just select and pay for this option on our comprehensive car insurance policies and you can choose your own repairer. Refer to the PDS for further information.

When you lodge an insurance claim, you're required to pay an excess. There are different types of excesses that may apply to your claim and will appear on your policy schedule.

Basic Excess

The basic excess is the amount you must pay in relation to each and every claim made under your policy. You may get the option to select the amount of your basic excess, which will be shown on your policy schedule. Where the event is completely the fault of a third party that you can identify, and we can locate and whose liability can be established, we may waive payment of the basic excess.

Additional Excess

We may require an additional excess to be paid in certain circumstances under your policy. The exact situations where this would apply and the amount of the additional excess will be shown on your policy schedule.

Driver specific excess

If we accept your claim for an insured event where the car was driven with your permission by any person who meets the criteria set out in the excesses section of your policy schedule, a driver specific excess becomes payable. This could include, for example, unlisted drivers (i.e. drivers not noted as a regular or listed driver) or young drivers (whether or not they are noted as a regular or listed driver). The criteria for the driver specific excess and amount of this excess will be shown on your policy schedule.

Where they are applicable, the driver specific excess amounts will be added to any other excess amount that may apply to the claim and may still apply even though the basic excess has been waived. These excesses will not apply when the car is being driven by a service provider with the appropriate liability cover.

For some cars, we may restrict cover to the listed drivers and the regular driver only. If cover is restricted in this way, there is no cover for any other driver, irrespective of excesses, and it will be clearly shown in the Special Conditions section of your policy schedule.

Reduced basic excess for windscreen claims

You may be given the choice to pay extra premium to reduce the basic excess that applies to claims that solely involve your windscreen, sunroof or window glass. The excess that will apply to windscreen claims will be shown on your policy schedule.

One Excess

If you have multiple policies with Youi and you lodge a claim for damage that occurs at the same place arising from the same single event, you will only be required to pay one excess.

If your car (typically a four wheel drive vehicle) was designed to drive off-road or on the beach, it will be covered.

However, you have to ensure that you drive the car only in a manner and under conditions that are within the manufacturer's recommended guidelines, and that you take reasonable care to prevent loss or damage.

Glad you asked. To give you an idea of how much comprehensive insurance might cost with Youi, we've included our indicative premium based on make and model, as purchased by our customers.

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We'd much rather provide you with an accurate quote that reflects you, your car and your unique situation. Sound good? Start a quote now.

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