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We’ve got the car insurance to suit you and your lifestyle.

At Youi, we’re all about providing car insurance options that suit who you are and what you do. If you’re a retiree (or getting close to being one), we’ve got lots of ways to help you save – not just on your car insurance, but with everyday discounts and offers, plus some extra bonuses that reward you for getting out and enjoying life. Ultimately, we’re here to listen and provide you with the cover and support you need – from the moment you get a car insurance quote, through to the months and years beyond.

The savings really add up with Youi car insurance.

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Around 79% of drivers who switched to Youi told us they saved on their car insurance.

How much did they save?

An average of $165 per year*

In fact, our customers told us they saved $5.1 million*


Some ways seniors could save with Youi car insurance. Things like:

  • If you're a retiree.
  • If you're driving to work or study and the trip is less than 10km.
  • If you're only driving to work or study less than 2 days a week.

Check out all the other ways you could save on car insurance.

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You also get these inclusions all year round.

  • Youi Roadside Assistance automatically included with comprehensive, not just for the first year, but forever!
  • Hire car for not-at-fault accidents.
  • 20% discount on home contents insurance if you have both a car and home contents policy with Youi.
  • Pay only one excess for one claims event if you have multiple policies with Youi.

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We make car insurance easy.

Whether it’s over the phone or online, we’re here to make things simple for you – to provide the car insurance you need, without the hassles.

  • ^ Internal data sources show that as at 9th September 2021, more than 42,000 customers have accessed the claims tracker.

It’s award winning car insurance.

We’re proud to continue our winning form in 2021. Thanks to the experts at Canstar who’ve recognised us as winners of the Most Satisfied Customers for Seniors Car Insurance in Australia. Thanks also to everyone who voted for us in the Mozo People’s Choice Awards where we took out top honours as the Most Recommended Car Insurer in Australia.

YouiRewards means savings to suit you.

With YouiRewards, you’ll get access to awesome deals on some of Australia’s best brands that could help you save on your car, home and more.


Partners offers subject to minimum spend and subject to change. YouiRewards & the Youi app are subject to T&Cs and terms of use. A South Australia Compulsory Third Party policy is not eligible for participation in YouiRewards.