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Third party property car insurance
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We'll have you covered for damage to someone else's property.

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Legal Liability

We’ve got you covered to the tune of up to $20,000,000 for your legal liability if your car causes damage to someone else’s property.

24/7 Claims

From the moment you need us until you’re back on the road, our dedicated team of claims specialists is here to help.

Counselling Services

Up to $1,500 per household member to cover the cost of counselling sessions after a claim.

We listen to you.

Even if you’re just after basic car insurance, don’t settle for the ordinary. At Youi, we always offer a more tailored approach and that could save you lots.

Third Party Property Only Car Insurance with Youi protects you if you accidentally hit someone else's car or property. With up to $20 million in legal liability this cover is built to protect you.

With Youi’s 95% customer satisfaction rating, it’s the simple option that gives you the comfort you’re after.

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What's included?

Check out what's covered by our Third Party Property only policies below.

Our car insurance for third party property has you covered up to $20 million for your legal liability if your car causes damage to someone else’s property.

We will insure your replacement car, while you're trading in your current vehicle, for up to 14 days after the purchase, if your replacement car is purchased for less than $100,000.

Our third party car insurance will cover you for up to $10,000 for your legal liability under Maritime Law while the car is being transported by sea between ports within Australia.

We've got you covered up to $5000 for accidental damage to your car caused by an uninsured third party.

Need mental health services? Youi covers up to $1,500 per household member for counselling sessions after a claim.

What's optional?

Want your cover to go a little further beyond basic car insurance? We’ve got add-on options to boost your level of protection, depending on how you use your car. If you’re a tradie, or carry any kind of work equipment in your vehicle, and it’s damaged by an insured event or stolen, we’ll replace it up to $1000 per claim. And if you have a trailer and want cover for that, just ask about our Unbraked Trailer add-on when you call us for your Third Party Property car insurance quote.

If you select this optional cover, your unbraked trailer will be covered for up to $2500 if it’s damaged accidentally or intentionally or as a result of Storm, Flood, Theft and Earthquake.

If your business items are stolen from a locked boot or lockable compartment, or damaged as a result of an insured event we’ve got you covered. With our optional car insurance for theft protection, we’ll replace each item up to $200, with a maximum amount of $1000 per claim.