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Customer Alerts

4 April 2017 - Cyclone Debbie Victims Warned of Scammers Posing as Insurers

In the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, cyclone and flood victims are being warned to watch out for scammers posing as builders or insurance companies. An official media release by the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) says the scam is "generally carried out by traveling con-men and women who typically target elderly or vulnerable households, though business owners are also being approached."

The ICA recommends asking any contractor or assessor to see credentials and not to hand over any form of payment, or sign any contract without verifying the person's identity.

If you suspect a scammer, report them to the National Traveling Conman Hotline on 1300 133 408 or call the police.

For more information on how to avoid falling victim to this scam, see the ICA Media Release here.

17 March 2017 - Reports about people receiving unsolicited phone calls relating to injury compensation claims following motor vehicle accidents.

Youi has recently become aware of customers and other motorists who have received unsolicited phone calls from businesses and individuals promoting injury compensation services and/or seeking personal information after motor vehicle accidents.  In some cases, the business or individual making the telephone call purports to be a Youi representative.

Youi neither supports nor promotes the businesses and individuals making these phone calls and only ever provides personal information to third parties strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We encourage anyone who receives an unsolicited phone call regarding injury compensation to protect their personal information and to contact us.

If you do receive an unsolicited telephone call in the future, we encourage you to:

  • not provide any personal information.
  • obtain the name, website and contact information of the caller.
  • report the caller to Youi.
  • report the caller to the ACCC by visiting the ACCC’s SCAM watch website, or by phoning 1300 795 995.