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So which cover is right for you?

We’re committed to making it simple to choose which cover works best for you.  Do you own your home?  Are you a renter looking to protect your belongings?  Maybe you’re a landlord who wants cover for your investment property.  No matter what you need, we’ll have a policy that works for you, and by offering a range of optional add-on covers for specific circumstances, we’re making sure that every possible scenario is covered should the unexpected happen.

We know there are loads of companies offering home and contents insurance Australia-wide, but we’re different.  At Youi - we get you, and we get that you want great cover, at a great price, that’s easy to understand.

Take a look at our options below and give us a quick call for a home and contents insurance quote.

Building & Contents insurance

This cover pretty much has it all.  It’s the cover you choose when you want to know that your home and belongings will be protected in the face of crime, extreme weather, fire, accidents and even civil unrest.  It also covers what’s outside, and belongings you might have in storage.

Building insurance

If you just want to protect the structure of your home or building, then this is the right insurance for you. Building insurance means you’re covered for damage caused by things like fire, floods, storms, impact and even earthquakes.  You’re covered for theft too, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of if you ever need emergency repairs or temporary accommodation as a result of an insured event.

Contents insurance

Youi’s contents insurance provides cover for your things, from the precious to the practical.  And if you want to add protection for something specific, like your mobile phone or tools of trade, we have add-on options for that.  Our Contents policy also provides cover when you move - while your belongings are in the moving van, and once they arrive at your new place.

Landlord insurance

If you’ve made the leap into investment property, then protecting your asset with landlord insurance is the smart choice.  All the same features of our Building insurance cover are standard, as well as some extra protection specifically for landlords.  There’s also optional add-on cover for things like tenant default or damage.  


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