You'll love it here. Here's why.

From the stuff your house is made of to the people and things inside it, you know there's no place like your home - and so do we.

That's why we don't make assumptions about the walls in your house or the roof above your head. We don't even assume that you live there. Instead, we ask you questions so we can tailor-make a premium that's all about you.

You might want to protect your investment, your home, your contents, or all of the above. We give you the options.

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Building & Contents insurance

Sleep soundly knowing you've protected your home from the inside out. Our building & contents insurance covers your home on the outside and your things in it, in the face of crime, extreme weather, fire, accidents and even civil unrest.

Building insurance

Our building insurance covers the structure of your home building for damage caused by things like fire, flood, storm, impact, theft and earthquake. And if you ever need emergency repairs or temporary accommodation after an insured event, then we'll take care of you.

Contents insurance

If it's what's on the inside that counts, then you might be looking for contents insurance. This will cover the things that matter most to you, from the precious to the practical. And if you want to add protection for something specific like your business items, we have an add-on option for that. Our contents policy also covers your belongings if they're damaged by fire or a motor vehicle accident in a moving van in transit to your new house.

Landlord insurance

Our landlord insurance provides all the same standard features of our building insurance, plus some extra cover and options specifically for landlords.  


Get a side by side comparison of all our home products and see what cover works best for you.


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