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Choosing what type of insurance you want for your home and contents is a big decision, and with so much choice, it can also be confusing.  Let’s face it, our homes and all the things we buy and accumulate over the years to make them liveable and enjoyable are most often our biggest assets.  Protecting them makes sense.  Having a simple tool to help you compare home insurance also makes sense.

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Comparing cover

At Youi, we’ve put together a clear and simple comparison table so you can compare home and contents insurance with our building insurance, and our contents insurance and figure out which works best for you.  You’re able to see what’s covered and what’s not, and what extra add-on features we offer to customise your policy to suit you.

We get that managing your household budget comes into play when selecting a policy too, so if you want to easily be able to compare contents insurance with our other policies, the table will come in handy for that.

Life isn’t predictable, but if something goes wrong it’s comforting to have protection that means you’ll be back on your feet again soon.  Our team at Youi work hard to stay on top of the pack with insurance that’s smarter, and could save you lots.  Whether you’re concerned about damage from those destructive summer storms, or the devastation caused by fire, we’ve built cover that you can rely on.  We get that you don’t want to be bogged down with terms and conditions, and you don’t want to be passed from person to person if you ever need to make a claim.  We commit to assigning one person to take care of you from start to finish, and we aim to make our policies clear and easy to understand.  So go ahead, compare home contents insurance offered by us and our competitors, and we hope you’ll soon see the Youi difference.  Youi, we get you.

   Covered    Optional cover    Not covered Building Contents
Escaping Water    
Intentional Damage    
Legal Liability    
Emergency Repairs    
Counselling Services    
Clean Up and Professional Fees    
Temporary Accommodation: Insured Events    
Temporary Accommodation: Emergency Evacuation    
Building Modifications    
Funeral Expenses    
Contents Outside    
Contents in Storage   ( )
Food Spoilage    
Broken Glass and Ceramics    
Locks and Keys    
Contents in Transit    
Cover While you Move    
Sporting Awards    
Multiple Births    
Landlord's Loss of Rent    
Landlord's Furnishings    
Tenant's Liability    
Burnout of Electric Motors    
Pet Injury    
Business Items    
Building Accidental Loss or Damage    
Contents Accidental Loss or Damage    
Fixtures and Fittings Upgrade    
Lessee/Tenant: Default and Damage*    
Storm Surge    

* only available to existing policies with this option already included.