Important Information

At Youi, we’re all about listening to you. But before we can do that, we just need to let you know about the following.

All of Youi’s products are subject to exclusions and limitations, and some of these may differ from other insurers. We always recommend reading our Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide, to help you decide if our cover is right for you.

Where offered, Youi policies renew automatically. If your policy renews automatically, we will continue to debit the premium on the renewed policy from the account information you provided. If you'd prefer not to automatically renew you can opt out at anytime by calling us on 13 YOUI (9684).

Have a read of your Duty of Disclosure which highlights the importance of giving accurate and complete information known to you or anyone covered by your policy and that a reasonable person would tell us when answering our questions.

Read through our Privacy Policy to find out how we handle your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. You can unsubscribe from receiving emails that are not related to your policy at any time.

We’ll send correspondence for general insurance products by email. By providing your contact details in this online quote, you acknowledge and consent to Youi communicating with you about your enquiry. You might also receive a phone call from us regarding your quote enquiry. Youi will also use this email address to send you other relevant information about Youi products and benefits such as YouiRewards.