Motorcycle insurance updates

We’ve been busy making updates to our motorcycle insurance cover to help make things a little clearer for you.

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This table is a guide and lists the main changes to the Motorcycle Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The information in the table does not replace or vary our PDS so please read the entire PDS for details of features and benefits and to ensure that this product is right for you.

PDS sectionPage #Update typeChange in the PDSPDS Effective Date
Important information4 - 11
Cancelling your policy4BenefitCancellation fee reduced to $22, with clarity on when this will apply.05 Apr 2021
What if I have a complaint?5ClarificationUpdated details regarding our complaints process.04 Sep 2021
Your duty of disclosure / When answering our questions6ClarificationThe Duty of Disclosure has been replaced with the duty of an insured “to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation when answering our questions”.05 Apr 2021
Your responsibilities6 - 7ClarificationImproved transparency with expanded section on the requirement to maintain a valid email address.05 Apr 2021
7ClarificationResponsibility to ‘Maintain the motorcycle in a roadworthy condition’ has been changed to ‘Keep the motorcycle and trailer in a good and safe condition’.05 Apr 2021
What do these words mean?8 - 11
Earthquake9ReductionEarthquake definition changed, no longer includes landslip.05 Apr 2021
Roadworthy10ClarificationUpdated to clarify compliance with the roadworthy requirements of the state in which a motorcycle or motorcycle trailer is being used.05 Sep 2021
You / your / yours11ClarificationRemoved reference to "rider, employee/s and household member/s or any person acting for the policyholder, business or for a household member".05 Apr 2021
Accessories and modifications11ClarificationHow to include accessories and modifications in the market value or agreed value.05 Apr 2021
About your cover11 - 20
Theft12ClarificationExamples provided for what "reasonable precautions" are required when the motorcycle is taken for a test ride.05 Apr 2021
Legal Liability12ReductionLegal Liability includes cover for the rider of the insured motorcycle and substitute motorcycle; cover while driving any uninsured motorcycle has been removed.05 Apr 2021
Uninsured Third Party13ClarificationClarified information required about a third party.05 Apr 2021
Riding Gear14BenefitIncreased riding gear cover to $1,000.05 Apr 2021
Temporary Replacement Cover14BenefitPreviously Immediate Replacement Motorcycle cover; includes cover for when the motorcycle is given away.05 Apr 2021
Counselling Services14BenefitRemoved 6-month limit to commence counselling.05 Apr 2021
Funeral Expenses15BenefitNew Extra Cover for Comprehensive policies, includes up to $5,000 for funeral expenses as a result of an accident.05 Apr 2021
Maritime Liability-ReductionNo longer available.05 Apr 2021
Hire Car (optional)17ClarificationConfirmation of running costs that are not covered.05 Apr 2021
17ReductionExtended exclusion to also exclude hire cars used for paid delivery services.04 Sep 2021
General exclusions18ClarificationExclusion relating to poor or faulty design specifications, material, planning or workmanship, or a defect have been updated to improve transparency.05 Apr 2021
Claiming21 - 26
Authorised persons on your claim21ClarificationUpdated section describing (1) how to add an authorised person and (2) conflict of interest.05 Apr 2021
How we settle your claim22 - 24ClarificationUpdated section providing clarity on how we settle claims.05 Apr 2021
How we settle your claim – New motorcycle replacement24BenefitRemoved the 500km limit for when the motorcycle is purchased.04 Sep 2021
24ReductionFor demonstrator motorcycles, the 24-month replacement period now applies from when the dealer first registered the motorcycle, rather than when it was first registered by you or a listed rider.04 Sep 2021
Excess25ClarificationClarification of how and when an excess applies.05 Apr 2021
Actions of others26BenefitNew section describing circumstances where cover may not be limited by the actions of other people.05 Apr 2021