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Road Safety


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Road Safety Shorts
With Dr Bridie
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In 2016, there were 1,293 fatalities on our roads. There should have been zero.

The good news is, we can each try a little bit harder to make our roads a whole lot safer. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dr. Bridie to deliver a broad range of road safety tips in bite-sized chunks. Aimed at everyone who shares the road, from pedestrians and cyclists to drivers and passengers, these videos have been designed with all road users in mind. So if you have just a couple of minutes, watch an episode or two and use the information you learn to help bring 1,293 down to zero.

Making the roads safer starts with pressing play.


Dr Bridie Scott-Parker is the Leader of the Adolescent Risk Research Unit (ARRU) at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Learn more about her below!

Episode 6
Driver Experience
Episode 5
Episode 4
Exercise Fatigue
Episode 3
Episode 2
Episode 1
School Zones
About Us

About Dr Bridie

At Youi, we love asking questions to get to know you better, and getting to know Dr Bridie was no exception.

Q. What’s the goal of Road Safety Shorts?

A. Road Safety Shorts are all about making the roads safer for everyone. I bring research to life in an interesting way, and without any scientific mumbo-jumbo! You can also access Road Safety Shorts anytime anywhere, and there also will be opportunities to ask questions, raise topics, and chat with me online.

Q. Who are these videos for?

A. No matter whether you drive or are a passenger in a vehicle, you walk, cycle, or ride a motorcycle or moped, Road Safety Shorts are for you! If you only have a minute or two to spare, you have a minute or two to not only improve your own safety on and around roads, but to improve the road safety of others around you. What a cool way to work together!

Q. Why did you partner with Youi?

A. My personal philosophy is 'leave the world a better place'. Through my work and the work of my team here on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, in Australia and beyond, I believe we can all live this philosophy. Indeed, soon into a discussion regarding another road safety project, the innovative approach of Youi, myself and my team seemed like a natural fit. As I espouse in the philosophy of my consortium, working together is a smart way to achieve a greater outcome in a shorter period of time - what better way to leave the world better than to collaborate and support each other's efforts?

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