Youi South Australia CTP insurance

Choosing Youi as your Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer in South Australia is easy. If you’re ready, you can renew your registration right now. Otherwise, nominate us for a future renewal period anytime – there’s no need to wait until your current CTP policy expires.

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What SA CTP covers

  • Protection for you and anyone that may use your vehicle against the financial impact of causing death or injury to other road users through the use of your vehicle anywhere in Australia.
  • Liability for injuries caused by a trailer that is attached to the registered vehicle.

What SA CTP does not cover

  • Damage to your vehicle or anything that is attached to it.
  • Damage to any third party’s property and/or vehicle.
  • Compensation for an injured driver that is entirely at fault, with the exception of very serious, lifelong injuries which may be eligible for necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support under the Lifetime Support Scheme, regardless of fault.

How to switch your SA CTP to Youi

It’s simple to switch to Youi for your SA CTP insurance. You can either pay and renew now or nominate us as your future CTP insurer.

Select Youi when you purchase SA CTP with your rego, and have your payment or registration number handy.

Pay and renew


You can nominate Youi as your future SA CTP insurer via EzyReg.

Nominate Youi

Extra cover for your vehicle

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If you’re looking for additional cover beyond SA CTP insurance that protects your and other people’s property, take a look at the insurance options below and start a quote.

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Making a SA CTP claim

You can submit a SA CTP claim online by completing a lodgement form.

Online claim


Alternatively, you can lodge a paper claim as follows:

  1. Download and complete the relevant claim form from the CTP regulator website.
  2. Submit the completed form to Youi via:
    Mail GPO Box 1531, Sydney NSW 2001
    Fax 02 8251 9481

If you require any further assistance, call us on 1300 004 007.

For more information on how to make a CTP claim, visit the CTP regulator website.


Still have questions about CTP insurance in SA? You might find the answers here.

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Does Youi offer SA CTP insurance?

Youi offers Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance cover in South Australia. To register your motor vehicle in SA, you’ll need to have CTP insurance. You can either pay and renew now or nominate Youi as your future CTP insurer.

This will appear on your renewal notice, in the table in the top right corner. If you don't have access to your renewal notice, you can use the EzyReg website 24/7 or contact the CTP insurance regulator on their enquiries line: 1300 303 558.


You can nominate Youi as your SA CTP insurer for your next renewal period anytime.


Your CTP insurance is paid for at the same time as your vehicle registration and can be done either;

  • In person at any Service SA or Australia Post locations
  • By contacting Service SA by telephone on 1300 361 021 or;
  • Through mySAGOV app.

Renewing is easy, you can renew your registration online by visiting EzyReg.
You can also visit any Service SA Centre with your vehicle registration renewal notice.
If you have any further questions about renewing your vehicle registration, visit the Service SA website or give them a call on 1300 361 021.

The Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS) is a no fault scheme which provides necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for people who sustain serious lifelong injuries in a motor vehicle accident. The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) administers the LSS. For more information, visit the Lifetime Support Authority.

To find out, visit the CTP Regulator website


Since the CTP policy is linked to your vehicle’s registration, all amendments will need to be made via Service SA. This can be done in person at one of their offices, online via a mySA GOV account or by calling 13 10 84.


The CTP insurance will remain with the registered vehicle so, if you sell it, the CTP insurance will be transferred across to the new owner.

If you’re unaware who the chosen CTP insurer is, please contact the CTP regulator's Personal Injury Helpline on 1300 303 558 who can assist you with determining the allocated CTP insurer.

You may be able to claim for compensation if a close relative dies in an accident caused partly or completely by another driver.
You can lodge a claim for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of financial support from the relative who died
  • Loss of services, such as the care of a parent for a child
  • Loss of earnings from your relative, from their injury until their death

You may still be able to claim even if the relative who passed away was partly at fault in the accident. To determine if you are able to make a claim, you will need to complete the CTP Fatality Claim Form or call us on 1300 004 007.


You may still be able to claim under the Nominal Defendant Scheme. You should lodge a claim via the CTP regulator website who will nominate an insurer to manage your claim. For further information, contact the CTP regulator.

Regardless of who caused the accident, you can claim benefits on behalf of your injured child. This applies when the child is under 16 years of age and a resident of South Australia at the time of the accident. You will need to complete a CTP Injury Claim Form and submit it to the relevant insurer.


If anyone is injured in the accident, you must report the accident to the police. You’ll also need to complete an Accident Report Form and send to Youi.

Please visit our complaints handling page for information.


The Claimant Service Rating is a measure of how satisfied a person is with their overall claims experience. People who’ve made a claim for an injury that occurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident are asked to take part in an independent survey approximately three months after their claim was lodged. The survey results are then used by the CTP insurance regulator to determine an overall average CSR for each CTP insurer on a rolling six-month basis, with these ratings then being published on the CTP insurance regulator’s website and on registration renewal notices.

As Youi is a new entrant in the South Australia CTP scheme, we’re currently listed as a “NEW” insurer on the CTP insurance regulator’s website and on registration renewal notices. Once the CTP insurance regulator has received a sufficient volume of claimant surveys, a CSR will be generated. In the meantime, Youi is committed to providing customers with exceptional service.

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CTP exclusions by law

It’s important to understand that the full extent of your SA CTP insurance cover is defined by law and there are certain circumstances that may be excluded, such as driving without a current licence or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Take a look at the policy of insurance on the CTP regulator website for more details on these excluded circumstances.



Your privacy

We’re serious about keeping you and your information safe and have lots of measures and processes in place to make sure it happens. See our privacy policy for details.


Want more SA CTP info?

If you’d like further details about CTP insurance in SA, more information can be found on the CTP regulator website.