Youi's Contents Discount Terms and Conditions

  1. A discount is available on the premium for a Youi Home Contents policy if it is an Eligible Policy and the Eligibility Criteria are satisfied in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions as amended from time to time, or until the discount is discontinued, in accordance with paragraph 11 (“the Contents Discount”).

    Eligibility Criteria
  2. A policyholder who has an Eligible Policy and would like to apply for the Contents Discount must contact Youi to ask for the Contents Discount and provide such information as Youi may require to be satisfied that the relevant policy is an Eligible Policy.
  3. A Youi Home Contents policy becomes an Eligible Policy and, subject to paragraph 2, will satisfy the Eligibility Criteria if:
    1. there is a current Youi Car policy* active when the Youi Home Contents policy is purchased; or
    2. a Youi Car policy is purchased or renewed and not cancelled during any applicable cooling off period for that Youi Car policy,  
      and the overnight Address for the Youi Car policy matches the insured Address of the Youi Home Contents policy throughout that period (the overnight Address and insured Address is as noted on the policy schedule for the relevant policy).
  4. Paragraphs 2 - 3 are collectively referred to as “the Eligibility Criteria”.

    * Youi Car policy includes Youi Comprehensive Car, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Property Only policies. Compulsory Third Party insurance is not an Eligible Policy.

    Other Terms
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, the Contents Discount does not apply to any policy if the Eligibility Criteria has not been met and the policy is not an Eligible Policy.
  6. Customers have a right to cancel any policy during the cooling off period specified in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or otherwise in accordance with the relevant PDS.  Where a customer cancels a Youi Car policy during its cooling off period, with the effect that the Youi Home Contents policy ceases to be an Eligible Policy or the Eligibility Criteria are otherwise not satisfied in relation to any Youi Home Contents policy to which the Contents Discount has been applied, the premium amount for the Youi Home Contents may be adjusted so that the premium is increased by the removal of the Contents Discount for the remainder of the contract period. A new Tax Invoice and Payment Schedule will be issued and the additional premium amount resulting from the removal of the Contents Discount will be collected in accordance with the direct debit arrangement as amended either:
    1. by one instalment where the premium is paid annually; or
    2. by adjusting the future instalment amounts and in some instances collecting an additional pro-rata instalment where the premium is paid in instalments.
  7. The Contents Discount may only be confirmed to apply to once the Eligibility Criteria has been satisfied.
  8. If the Eligibility Criteria is satisfied in relation to an existing Youi Home Contents policy only through the subsequent purchase or renewal of a Youi Car policy, the existing Youi Home Contents policy may have the Contents Discount applied to any premium or remaining instalment due in respect of the Youi Home Contents policy within one (1) calendar month after the Eligibility Criteria is satisfied in respect of that policy.
  9. Youi may, at its discretion, apply the Contents Discount to an Eligible Policy that satisfies the requirements in paragraph 3 even if the policyholder has not asked for the Contents Discount as required by paragraph 2.  If Youi chooses to apply a Contents Discount for which the policyholder has not applied, Youi is not obliged to continue to apply the Contents Discount at subsequent renewals of the Eligible Policy.  
  10. If the Contents Discount has been confirmed to apply in accordance with paragraph 7, the Youi Home Contents policy will receive the benefit of the Contents Discount for the remainder of the contract period of that policy, even if the Youi Car policy is cancelled (meaning the Eligibility Criteria is no longer met).
  11. Youi may change these terms and conditions and Eligibility Criteria applied to the Contents Discount or discontinue the discount at any time without notice, so if a customer chooses to renew a Youi Home Contents policy, the Contents Discount may no longer be available because it is no longer being offered, the policy is no longer an Eligible Policy or the effect of any different terms and conditions in force at that time is that the Contents Discount is not available.
  12. The Contents Discount rate will be the rate that applies in accordance with the terms and conditions that were published at on the contract period commencement date.
  13. Youi policies are subject to our usual underwriting and pricing criteria and Product Disclosure Statement as they apply to each contract period.
  14. The Contents Discount applies to the base premium excluding government charges and is subject to minimum base premiums.
  15. In these Terms and Conditions, “Address” means the relevant combination of; unit/flat number, lot number, street number, street name, street type, suburb, and/or any other sub premise information.  The Customer acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to read his/her policy schedules to ensure that the Address is correct and matches and that the Contents Discount has been applied pursuant to the relevant Special Condition listed on the policy.  The Customer should contact Youi in the event that no Special Condition is listed and he/she considers they have fulfilled the Eligibility Criteria.

Content's Discount Rate 20%

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Youi’s Contents Discount

Version 3

Prepared May 2018