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Benefits of Rear Cameras on Your Vehicle

Car rear camera display

Vehicle reversing cameras not only save money by reducing minor accidents, they also save lives by giving drivers increased visibility behind their vehicles. This allows drivers to be more aware of particularly children and small animals in their vicinity.

What is a reversing camera?

A reversing camera is a CCTV (closed circuit TV) camera that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle, with a viewing screen mounted on the dash. This allows the drivers to clearly see what is behind them and in their blind spot without having to turn around to look.

Reversing cameras are important because they maintain your control and visibility. When you drive a vehicle forward, you can at least see everything in front of your windscreen. But when reversing a vehicle, your vision is restricted immediately behind you and in the blind spot on the rear passenger side.

How can it save money?

While some people may master reverse parking shortly after learning to drive, it remains a challenge for many. Judging the distance between your car and the car behind you is a constant challenge, even after having a licence for years. The number of minor collisions caused by driver error in such situations is enough to keep panel beaters busy across Australia, and car insurance premiums higher than they might otherwise be.

By investing in a reversing camera, you should greatly reduce the likelihood of being involved in one of these minor collisions, with the result that your insurance premiums will remain affordable. You may even get a discount for adding such a safety feature.

How can it save lives?

Every year, fatal accidents occur when small children are tragically run over by their own parents reversing their cars out of their garages. Those children are too young to know any better and their parents, sadly, don’t see them because of their restricted vision when reversing. Also, pets often run behind reversing cars without the driver noticing.

Having a CCTV camera mounted on the rear of your car will allow you to reverse with confidence, knowing there are no children or animals hiding behind or under the vehicle. It will also giving you adequate time to brake if they were to run out into the driveway unexpectedly.

What are the other benefits?

Other benefits of a reversing camera include that it makes it much easier to hook up a trailer or caravan when there’s no one available to guide you.

It is also a much more ergonomically-friendly way to drive. Reversing in the normal manner requires you to turn in your seat and crane your neck in an attempt to see what is behind you, which can be very uncomfortable. A reversing camera allows you to remain facing forwards, with your hands firmly on the wheel.

A further benefit is that if another driver runs into you while the camera is switched on, you will have video evidence for your insurance company, or for the police if the driver does not remain at the scene.