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Car VS Motorcycle: Which Is Right For You?

Car and motorcycle driving next to one another on a city road

There are so many different ways to get from A to B, but it’s up to you to choose the mode of transport that suits you best. Cars and motorcycles are two completely different types of vehicles that both offer unique advantages over the other. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to do the school pick up or you’re in need of a set of wheels that can get you into work and home again while beating the peak hour traffic, chances are either a car or a motorcycle could suit your needs better.

So if you’re currently in the process of trying to decide between a car and a motorcycle, we’ve put together a few benefits of each vehicle to help you make the best decision for you.

When to choose a car

Are you struggling to decide between a car or a motorcycle? Driving a car comes with a number of benefits, here are a few of the main perks:

  1. Long distance driving: if you’re often on the road covering long distances or for extended periods of time, then a car will provide you with a much more comfortable ride. There’s no need to worry about that saddle seat getting uncomfortable and while you’re behind the wheel you can enjoy features like air conditioning, a stereo system and cruise control among other things.
  2. Greater capacity: cars are more spacious than motorcycles so they’ll be a better option if you’ve got a load to carry. Doing the weekly grocery run on a motorcycle could be a little tricky, but even with a small car there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to fit more grocery bags in.
  3. Carry multiple passengers: if you’ve got a family that you need to ferry around, then a car is an obvious choice. Most motorcycles can only carry a maximum of two passengers. Although road rules for motorbikes can vary from state to state, various authorities such as the Queensland Government have strict rules about carrying passengers on a motorcycle, including rules about the type of motorcycle licence you need to carry a passenger and your motorcycle having a suitable pillion seat for passengers.While most cars can seat five comfortably including the driver, some SUVs can accommodate up to seven passengers.
  4. Beat the weather: whether the conditions are hot and steamy or overcast and stormy, a car will provide you with more protection against the elements than a motorcycle. Obviously you’ll want to avoid extreme weather events like hail and severe storms no matter what vehicle you’re driving, but there’s no doubt that a car would be a more comfortable choice on those drizzly days.
  5. Reduced risk: while there’s always a crash and injury risk when hitting the road no matter what vehicle you’re driving, when you’re in a larger vehicle like a car, the risk of injury is reduced slightly as compared to a motorbike according to the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Cars offer greater protection in the form of seatbelts, airbags, pillars and panels, whereas motorbike riders must rely on their protective clothing and accessories. Cars are also bigger and often a lot easier to spot on the road, whereas motorcycles can be easily missed in a driver’s blind spot. No matter what vehicle you drive, it always pays to be aware of other drivers on the road.

Don’t forget, if you’re planning on getting behind the wheel of a car in Australia, you need to have your car licence. Licensing requirements can vary depending on where you live in Australia, these can vary from state to state and certain licences come with their own restrictions, so make sure you’re across any limitations of your licence before you hit the road.

When to choose a motorcycle

Are you thinking a motorcycle might be the best option for you? Here are some of the reasons to choose a two-wheeler:

  1. Beat the traffic: so long as you stick to the road rules, motorcycles are ideal for navigating through heavy traffic. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get into work each morning, then a motorcycle could be the choice for you.
  2. Parking perks: because motorcycles are more compact, they’re often easier to park, particularly if you live or work in a busy area with limited parking options. Plus, you’re more likely to pay less for parking compared to a car or you might even be lucky enough to score yourself a free parking spot.
  3. More fuel efficient: there’s no denying that motorcycles are more fuel efficient than cars. Some motorcycles even outperform hybrid vehicles in terms of fuel efficiency. With the price of petrol, there’s no doubt that choosing a motorcycle could help you to save some cash at the bowser.
  4. Greater affordability: not only are motorcycles cheaper to fill at the petrol station, but they’re often more economical to run. From registration to tyres and general running costs, motorcycles tend to be cheaper than cars.

Before you jump on the back of a motorcycle, it’s important to make sure you have your motorcycle licence. In the same way that some car licences come with restrictions, there are similar limitations in place for certain types of motorcycle licences when it comes to engine sizes and pillion passengers.

For more information on the restrictions for car and motorcycle licences, check your state or territory transport department website.

Choosing the right insurance

There are a number of different factors to consider to find the right vehicle for you. Whether you opt for a car or a motorcycle, it’s a good idea to make sure you and your vehicle of choice are protected when you hit the road.

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