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Does your Caravan Insurance Match Your Travel Plans?

Caravan at night parked under the stars

One of the best things about caravan travel is the flexibility it brings. Gone is the stress of rushing to a flight at the airport. Gone are any worries about getting a last-minute hotel booking. Even the frustrations of having to carry luggage from one spot to the next become history.

Instead, you can take as long as you like travelling from one place to the next. You can take the time to see the sights, and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, instead of being cooped up in a cramped motel room.

Yep, caravanning is great fun. But it does come with some considerations when it comes to insurance. And they’re things you need to know before you set off on a trip.

So let’s get into it. Here's a look at what you need to know about finding caravan insurance that better matches your travel plans.

Third Party Property Only

Third party property only, as its name states, will insure you only for damage to someone else’s property. While many people prefer having more coverage in order to fully protect your vehicle, this could be an option if you just want the basic cover.

Third Party Fire And Theft

For those who want a policy that covers damage to another vehicle, as well as some other mishaps to your own caravan, Third Party Fire and Theft cover may be a good fit. It will cover against damage to another vehicle, as well as against damage to your own caravan from fire and theft. Like third party, this cover requires some careful consideration of the risks of a mishap like damaging your own caravan occurring.


For travellers who really want to get the very most out of their holiday and get a better level of confidence, a comprehensive insurance policy could be the best option. This type of policy provides cover for accidents, storms, floods and earthquakes, fire and theft, as well as damage to someone else’s property.

A comprehensive caravan insurance package is also important to consider in light of the higher risk that can come with towing a caravan. While driving with a caravan is safe overall, the more weight and length you tow, the greater the chances are that something will go wrong. That’s why anyone looking for a trip with fewer dramas may find a comprehensive policy gives you more of what you’re after.

Youi Comprehensive Caravan and Trailer Insurance includes some things that you might find very useful in your caravanning journey. Like covering Caravan Park Fees up to $1000 for costs incurred if you need to reschedule your booking due to a claim.

Or covering the reasonable cost of towing and storage of the caravan or trailer to a suitable place for safekeeping after an insured event.

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