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Double Demerits NSW Dates to Mark in Your Calendar

In this article, we list some of the double demerits NSW dates, as well as information about offences that can attract double demerits and how demerit points may affect your car insurance.

Double demerits NSW

Long weekends and holiday periods can be fun and carefree times when you get the chance to relax with family and friends. But with double demerits in NSW, it can pay to stay informed and aware.  

In this article, we list some of the double demerits NSW dates, as well as information about offences that can attract double demerits, what happens if you get caught breaking road rules interstate during a NSW double demerits period, and how demerit points may affect your car insurance, including Compulsory Third Party (CTP), premiums. 

Are double demerit periods the same nationwide? 

Not all Australian states and territories apply double demerit points, but those that do – including NSW – ​tend to enforce them during specific times of year, such as public holidays and long weekends. We’ve broken down some of the double demerit rules across the country in greater detail here

Along with NSW,1 the ​​Australian Capital Territory2 and Western Australia3 apply double demerit points to certain offences during specific times of year. In Queensland, double demerits apply year-round to certain repeat offences.4 As of October 2023, double demerit points don’t apply at any time of the year in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia or the Northern Territory. 

However, NSW drivers won’t necessarily avoid increased penalties if caught breaking the road rules in a state or territory that doesn’t enforce double demerit points. 

A NSW driver caught committing an offence outside NSW may still have the number of demerit points that the offence attracts in NSW – including double demerits if they’re caught during a long weekend or holiday period – applied to their licence.1 

What offences are subject to double demerit points in NSW? 

The NSW double demerits scheme applies to:1 

  • Speeding offences 
  • Seatbelt offences 
  • Motorcycle helmet offences 
  • Mobile phone offences.1 

During double demerit periods, the demerit points that would usually apply to these offences can be doubled.  

For example, a driver caught using their mobile phone unlawfully – an offence that would normally carry a penalty of five demerit points – could have a total of 10 demerit points applied to their licence during a double demerit period.5  

In NSW, demerit points stay active on your licence for a three-year period, though you can still be impacted by demerit points on your licence up until the 40-month mark (which is three years and four months), and NSW drivers may have their licence suspended if they exceed their demerit limit.1 This demerit limit depends on the type of licence you have: 

  • Unrestricted licence: 13 points 
  • Professional drivers: 14 points 
  • Provisional P2 licence: 7 points 
  • Provisional P1 licence: 4 points 
  • Learner licence: 4 points 
  • Unrestricted licence during a good behaviour period: 2 points1 

What are the NSW double demerits periods? 

As of October 2023, NSW enforces double demerits during six public holiday periods throughout the year: Australia Day, Easter, Anzac Day, King’s Birthday, Labour Day, and the Christmas to New Year period.6 

In 2023-24, the Christmas to New Year double demerit period runs from Friday 22 December through to Monday 1 January 2024.6 

Double demerit periods in 2024 

Double demerit points periods for 2024 in NSW are as follows:6 

Public holiday period Double demerit point period
Australia Day Thursday 25 January to Sunday 28 January 2024
Easter Thursday 28 March to Monday 1 April 2024
Anzac Day Wednesday 24 April to Sunday 28 April 2024
King’s Birthday Friday 7 June to Monday 10 June 2024
Labour Day Friday 4 October to Monday 7 October 2024
Christmas to New Year Friday 20 December 2024 to Wednesday 1 January 2025


On Thursday 28 March and Friday 7 June 2024, school zones are in operation. Additional penalties can apply for certain offences committed in school zones.6 

Keep in mind, the NSW Government may change the double demerit periods at any time. Please check relevant government websites for updates if this information is important to you. 

Do demerit points impact your car insurance? 

Some insurance companies might take your driving history – including any demerit points you have accrued – into account when calculating your car insurance premium, including CTP.7 

“At Youi, if you have accrued demerit points, this will typically increase your premium,” says Marni Jackson, Youi Head of Product – Vehicle.  

It might also be worth remembering that if your licence has been suspended for any reason – including if you’ve exceeded your demerit points limit – there’s a possibility your premium could rise, given you might be perceived as a driver with elevated risk. 

When it comes to Compulsory Third Party insurance, Glen Robinson, Youi Head of Product – CTP, says demerit points are taken into account for NSW drivers. 

“In some states, including New South Wales, the number of demerit points you have incurred contributes to the price of your CTP insurance, with higher demerits typically leading to you paying higher premiums,” says Robinson. 

Now you have the NSW double demerits dates for 2024 to hand, it may help to add them to your calendar and, hopefully, avoid having any fines or double demerits spoil your long weekends on the road. 

Information in this article is relevant as of October 2023 and by its nature may change over time. Check relevant government websites for updates if this information is important to you. 



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