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Double Demerits WA Dates to Mark in Your Calendar

Learn about double demerits WA dates and offences, including how they may impact your licence and insurance, and what can happen if you’re caught interstate.

Double demerits WA

A long weekend can be a great time to hit the open road and explore some of the natural beauty Western Australia has to offer. But with double demerits in force in WA during long weekends and holiday periods, it can also mean certain driving offences can carry harsher penalties than usual. 

In this article, we list some of the double demerits WA dates, as well as offences that can attract double demerits, penalties that can apply if you get caught during a WA double demerits period, and information on how demerit points may affect your car insurance premiums. 

What offences are subject to double demerit points in WA? 

The WA double demerits scheme applies for offences related to:1 

  • Speeding 
  • Drink or drug driving 
  • Failing to wear a seatbelt or child restraint 
  • Running a red light 
  • Illegal use of a mobile phone while driving 
  • Driving a motor vehicle fitted with a device designed to evade detection by a speed camera (14 points during double demerits period) 
  • Driving a motor vehicle in a manner to evade detection by a speed camera (14 points during double demerits period).1 

During double demerit periods, the demerit points that would usually be applied to your licence if you were caught committing any of the relevant offences can be doubled. 

For example, a driver caught not wearing a seatbelt – an offence that normally carries a penalty of four demerit points in WA2 – could have a total of eight demerit points applied to their licence during a double demerits period.  

Depending on the type of licence you have, your demerit point limit in WA may be four, eight or 12. If this amount or more is accrued within a three-year period, you will be served with an Excessive Demerit Points Notice (EDPN). You can then choose between having your licence disqualified for a certain period or serving a 12-month good behaviour period during which you can still drive but must not accrue more than one demerit point – otherwise, you’ll need to serve a disqualification period double that stated in the EDPN.3 

This means that, if you’re caught during a WA double demerits period driving with a device designed to evade detection by a speed camera, or in a manner to evade detection by a speed camera, you could automatically have your licence disqualified or be subject to a good behaviour period.1 

Are double demerit periods the same nationwide? 

In short: no. Not all Australian states and territories use double demerit points. 

Along with WA, the Australian Capital Territory4 and New South Wales5 apply double demerit points to certain offences during specific times of the year. In Queensland, double demerits are applied year-round to certain repeat offences committed within 12 months of the original offence.6 Double demerit points don’t apply at any time of the year in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia or the Northern Territory. 

What if I’m caught interstate? 

WA drivers who are caught breaking road rules interstate won’t have demerit points applied to their WA licence – even during double demerit periods. 

Demerit points accrued in other Australian jurisdictions require you to pay the infringement, but the demerit points aren’t recorded against your WA driver’s licence.3 

What if you’re an interstate driver booked for a double demerits offence while driving in WA? Depending on where you live, it’s possible those double demerits might follow you home and be applied to your licence. However, different rules apply in different states and territories, so before getting behind the wheel in WA, you might want to consider checking with the relevant local authority.7    

What are the double demerits periods in WA? 

Double demerits typically apply during holiday periods and long weekends in WA, including the WA Day long weekend in June. They also apply for an extended period during the Christmas and New Year holidays.1 

In 2023-24, the Christmas to New Year double demerits period in WA runs from Friday 22 December 2023 through to Sunday 7 January 2024 inclusive.1 

Double demerits WA dates in 2024 

Below are the dates on which double demerits will be in effect in WA in 2024.1 It’s important to remember the WA Government may change, amend or add to the double demerit periods at any time. So, please check relevant government websites for updates if this information is important to you. 


Public holiday period Double demerit point period
New Year’s Day Friday 22 December 2023 to Sunday 7 January 2024
Australia Day Thursday 25 January to Sunday 28 January 2024
Labour Day Friday 1 March to Monday 4 March 2024
Easter Thursday 28 March to Monday 1 April 2024
WA Day Friday 31 May to Monday 3 June 2024
King’s Birthday Friday 20 September to Monday 23 September 2024
Christmas & Boxing Day Friday 20 December 2024 to Sunday 5 January 2025


Double demerits will not be in effect in WA on Anzac Day 2024. The King’s Birthday may also be observed on different dates in different areas of the state, so the WA Government advises checking their website closer to the date for confirmation.1 

Do demerit points impact my car insurance? 

Some insurance companies might take your driving history – including any demerit points you’ve accrued – into account when calculating your premium.8 

“If you’ve accrued demerit points, this will increase your premium,” says Marni Jackson, Youi Head of Product – Vehicle.  

It could also be worth remembering that if your licence has been suspended for any reason – including if you’ve exceeded your demerit points limit – there’s a possibility your premium could rise, given you might be perceived as a driver with elevated risk. 

Making a note of the dates listed above could be helpful in remembering when double demerits apply in WA. Help is also at hand for any questions you may have around car insurance; Youi’s friendly advisors can be reached on 13 9684 or you can find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions at our car insurance page.   

Information in this article is relevant as of November 2023. Check relevant government websites for updates if this information is important to you. 




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