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How to Protect Your Home from Fire

Home Fire

Even with home insurance coverage, house fires are a tragic and terrifying occurrence for any family. In Australia, there is no legislation relating to the fire safety of the building products that are used in detached homes. In fact, a number of potentially high fire risk materials are available in this country. For this reason in particular, it is necessary to have a good plan for fire proofing the home.

Fires can sometimes begin without detection and travel quickly into the roof and the space between rooms. Plasterboard with flame retardant qualities provides a good way to protect loved ones, the home and valuables from fire. Fire resistant plasterboard has the advantage of slowing the rate at which flames spread between rooms, and can be particularly important around the kitchen.

To protect a home from fire even more, power points and electrical circuits should not be overloaded and smoke detectors should be fitted outside of bedrooms, kitchens and other areas that provide an early warning of a fire. Additionally, the lint filters of clothes dryers should be cleaned frequently and electric blankets should not be used after their use-by date. Ceiling systems and power cables should be kept well away from combustible materials.