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Essential Steps to Review Home Security

Image looking up and over the balcony of a house

When was the last time you tested your alarm system? Is there still a faulty latch on the bathroom window? Are the motion sensor lights in the backyard still working?

Home security is an ongoing process requiring regular review and an upgrade of those elements that may be leaving you vulnerable. Your home and contents insurance should also be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary, as your possessions will change over time. If you don’t have up-to-date house and contents insurance, you may find yourself heavily out of pocket if you are ever burgled.

Security review

There are a number of areas in your home that should be reviewed to assess their security effectiveness. These include:

  • Doors – These are the preferred point of entry for burglars as they provide easy access if they are less than secure.
  • Windows – Another favourite entry point for burglars, particularly those windows that are out of light at the rear of a house.
  • Garage – This can offer easy access if it has an interior door leading into the house.
  • Trees and shrubs – Tree limbs near upper storey windows and dense shrubbery shrouding the front of your home can both attract burglars.
  • Sheds – Outbuildings that are left unlocked and contain tools and ladders can actually assist a burglar to break into your home.

Security upgrade

Another reason to review your home security is because of advances in technology. Having the best defence against intruders means keeping up with the latest security systems and devices. These might include:

  • Security screens – Technology has certainly improved in this area, with security screens for doors and windows now measured against an impact resistance scale to determine their strength. Top of the line security screens are almost impervious to attack due to advances in fittings and materials. They are also available in a greater range of colours and styles to complement any home.
  • Alarm systems – The advent of wireless alarms has made wired alarms almost obsolete. While wired alarms must be hard-wired into walls and ceilings at great expense, wireless alarms require minimal installation. They can also be configured in numerous combinations to suit any layout. Being fully portable, you can take them with you when you move house.
  • Locks – These too have become much more sophisticated than in the past. Dead latches, which are locked and unlocked with a key, are now one of the most secure and popular locks on the market. Barrel window locks are also popular, which operate with a key and are far superior to the flimsy latches found on many older windows.

Conducting a periodic security review and upgrading any weak points is a wise move. Not only will this keep your family safe, but also maintain the value of your home and take advantage of any insurance discounts that may apply in such circumstances.