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Motorbike VS Motorcycle - What's the Difference?

Motorcycles lined up on the footpath outside a shop

Whether you know these two-wheeled vehicles as a motorbike, a motorcycle or you use the two terms interchangeably, is there actually a difference between them or is it just a case of semantics?

Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between motorbikes and motorcycles.

What is a motorbike?

When it comes to motorbikes, some people think this type of two-wheeler refers to the smaller, less powerful, more lightweight version of a motorcycle.

While the term ‘motorbike’ is more commonly used throughout the UK and Australia, it also tends to be used more often in informal settings and is sometimes even thought of as a slang term.

What is a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are thought to be larger, heavier, more powerful equivalent of a motorbike.

The term ‘motorcycle’ is used more prevalently throughout the Americas, both north and south, and is favoured around the rest of the world. Motorcycle is also thought to be the more formal version of the two terms.

Motorbike vs motorcycle - is there really a difference?

Despite all of our digging, we haven’t had much luck uncovering a definitive answer as to whether there is actually a difference between motorbikes and motorcycles or if they’re just two words used to describe the same style of vehicle.

While some believe motorbikes and motorcycles differ based on size and horsepower, the National Transport Commission refers to"motorcyclists", while the Australian Road Rules (which form the basis of road rules of each state and territory) refers to "Motor Bikes". Whether you call it a motorbike or a motorcycle ultimately depends on where you are in the world and the formality of the setting.

At the end of the day, both a motorbike and motorcycle refer to the same type of vehicle - an open-seated, motor-powered machine on two wheels. It’s up to you to decide what you want to call it.

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