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Reducing Storm Damage to Your Car

Hail hitting the roof of a car

As a result of intense storms, hail and flooding, thousands of vehicles are damaged in Queensland and northern New South Wales each year. Moreover, many vehicles become a write off because from a car insurance perspective as they are deemed too expensive to warrant repair.

The best way to minimise the risk of damage to a car in such circumstances is to keep the vehicle under cover, but this is not always feasible or practical. Because of this, a number of other approaches can help to reduce the chances of a car being damaged, and thereby reduce your car insurance expenses.

Forward planning and making arrangements to park a vehicle under cover when a storm has been forecasted is a very good idea, as is using alternative modes of transport.

Safety should be the paramount concern when facing a storm, and looking for safe shelter - which may only be a covered car park, beneath a bridge or even under an awning – is wise. Because of the danger created by falling tree branches, vehicles should not be parked under trees.

Rather than attempting to speed up to out-run a storm, it is far more sensible to find a place to safely shelter until the storm has ended. In the event that a driver is caught in a severe storm with reduced visibility, they should try to move their vehicle off the road to avoid collisions with other traffic.