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The Most Popular Car in Australia for 2023 Revealed

We’ve done the hard work for you, sorting through sales data and ​major ​car awards ​​to uncover some of the most popular cars currently on the market in a number of categories.

Most popular car in Australia

With more than 1.2 million new vehicles sold in Australia in​ 2023,1 it’s no secret that Aussies are a car-loving bunch. But with so many models on the market – not to mention the recent explosion in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) – establishing the most popular car in Australia can be tricky. 

So we’ve done the hard work for you, sorting through sales data and ​major ​car awards ​​to uncover some of the most popular cars currently on the market in a number of categories.

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What are the most popular car brands in Australia? 

With the proliferation of EVs on Aussie roads, you might have noticed a number of new brands too – such as Cupra, Polestar and BYD (BYD launched its flagship performance model, the Seal, in late 2023).2 

​​Although these new brands are starting to gain traction,3 sales figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)​​1 show many Aussies are still turning to the more recognised brands when it’s time to buy a new car. 

​​Toyota was the top-selling brand for 2023 with 215,240 sales, followed by Mazda with 100,008, then Ford with 87,800, Kia with 76,120 and Hyundai with 75,183.1 

​​Here is the FCAI’s list of Australia’s top 10 car sales by brand for 2023:​1

  • Toyota: 215,240 
  • Mazda: 100,008 
  • Ford: 87,800 
  • Kia: 76,120 
  • Hyundai: 75,183 
  • Mitsubishi: 63,511
  • MG: 58,346 
  • Tesla: 46,116 
  • Subaru: 46,114 
  • Isuzu Ute: 45,341.​1 

What is the most popular car in Australia? 

​​While Toyota topped the total sales list for 2023, Ford pipped the Japanese marque at the post for top-selling model, chalking up sales of 63,356 for its Ford Ranger ute. Toyota’s HiLux ran in second at 61,111, followed by the Isuzu Ute D-Max at 31,202, and Toyota’s RAV4 at 29,627. Tesla’s Model Y was the only EV to make the top 10, with 28,769 sales across the 12 months.1 

​​The FCAI’s complete list of Australia’s Top 10 sales by model for 2023 is as follows:1

  • Ford Ranger: 63,356 
  • Toyota HiLux: 61,111 
  • Isuzu Ute D-Max: 31,202 
  • Toyota RAV4: 29,627 
  • MG ZS: 29,258 
  • Tesla Model Y: 28,769 
  • Toyota Landcruiser: 26,449 
  • Mitsubishi Outlander: 24,263 
  • Mazda CX-5: 23,083 
  • Hyundai Tucson: 21,224.1 

​​What do the experts say? 

When it comes to identifying Australia’s most popular car, sales are just part of the picture. The nation’s major car awards are another indication of the cars we’re loving right now.

​​The Ford Ranger took out Drive’s Car of the Year award for 2023,4 while the brand’s Everest SUV was anointed Wheels Car of the Year,5 with both awards announced in March. Later in that year, petrol-only models took a back seat when Honda’s CR-V Hybrid was declared the 2023 News Corp Car of the Year,6 while carsales tapped the electric MG4 for top spot in the 2023 carsales Car of the Year.7 

We’ve divided​​ our breakdown of the most popular cars of the year into categories, taking both sales data and award wins (and nominations) into consideration.​ 

Most popular electric vehicles 

​​Sales of electric vehicles have soared, with battery ​​EVs representing 7.2% of all new cars sold in Australia in 2023.1​ (Combined battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles achieved 16.2% of new vehicle sales across the year.)1 

According to Drive, Tesla’s Model Y, followed by the Model 3, continues to dominate electric car sales.8 BYD’s Atto 3 came in third,8 and was also named Best Electric Vehicle Under $70,000 in the 2023 Drive Car of the Year awards.9 The MG4, carsales Car of the Year 2023, ranked fourth for EV sales.8 

​​Another EV to capture motoring experts’ attention was the new-to-market BYD Seal, a luxury performance model that missed out on News Corp’s Car of the Year accolade by a single vote in December 2023.6

​​Popular models: Tesla Model Y,10 BYD Atto 3,11 MG412 

Most popular SUVs 

The SUV category is a strong one, with 679,462 sales across 2023.1 ​Top performers included Toyota’s RAV 4 (29,627), the MG ZS (29,258) and Mazda’s CX-5 (23,083) all making the top 10.1 

​​Two major media outlets awarded SUVs best car status: News Corp for the Honda CR-V Hybrid6 and Wheels for the Ford Everest.5 

​​Popular models: MG ZS,13 Toyota RAV414 

Most popular small cars 

Utes and SUVs dominated car sales in 2023,1 with sales in the small car category down almost 20% year-on-year15 and dominated by the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30.16

Nevertheless, it was the MG4 that impressed the judges of carsales’ Car of the Year award,7 while the Volkswagen Golf was declared Best Small Car by the Drive team.15

​​​Popular models: Volkswagen Golf,17 Hyundai i30,18 Toyota Corolla19 

Most popular utes 

After seven years at the top of Australia’s vehicle sales charts, the Toyota HiLux was toppled by the Ford Ranger in 2023, following a month-by-month tussle for supremacy.20 

Between them, the two popular utes far outsold the competition, although third on the best-seller list was yet another ute, the Isuzu D-Max.1 

As previously mentioned, the Ranger was also named the 2023 Drive Car of The Year – a first for any light-commercial vehicle.4 

​​​Popular models: Toyota HiLux,21 Ford Ranger22 

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