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Things to Consider Before Buying Caravan Insurance

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There's no doubt that Australians love their caravans, so much so that according to a recent study by caravan insurance experts Caravan Guard, "over 80% of caravaners love to name their pride and joy."

So when it comes to protecting your beloved home away from home, it goes without saying that caravan insurance is a must. But before you take out the first policy that comes your way, here are a handful of things to consider.

Where you store it could affect your caravan insurance premium

Unless you use your caravan all year round, chances are you'll need to store it somewhere over months of inactivity. Knowing exactly where you will store it prior to shopping for caravan insurance will help ensure you get the most accurate quote. For example, some insurers offer lower premiums if your caravan is stored in a professional storage unit. If you plan on storing it both at home and away from home, then this is something you should discuss with your insurer before deciding which caravan insurance is best for you.

Secure your caravan prior to taking out caravan insurance

Caravan insurance is one way to feel secure, but at the end of the day, having insurance won't stop people from trying to steal your pride and joy. Organizing extra security measures for your caravan prior to taking out caravan insurance, such as installing an anti-theft device, could result in a lower premium come quote time.

Sort out your contents insurance

Insuring your caravan is one thing, but protecting what's inside it is another. When exploring your difference caravan insurance options, be sure to investigate contents cover as well. Start by assessing the value of all the contents in your caravan so you know how much cover you need. Some caravan policies may include up to a certain amounts worth of contents cover, or you may need to take out a separate policy altogether.

Get the right level of cover

As tempting as it may look, be cautious of selecting the lowest caravan insurance quote. The premium may look appealing but it's what's inside the policy that counts. A helpful idea is writing a list of things you need to be covered for prior to obtaining a quote, and then checking them off against the PDS so ensure the policy you select meets all your requirements.

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