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Tips for Reducing the Likelihood of Speeding

Speed Warning

For many drivers, it is easy to exceed the speed limit without realising that you are doing so. Because modern cars offer great power and comfort, the sensation of fast speed is often lost.

However, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that they drive at or beneath the speed limit and, to do this, a number of practical and straightforward things can be done.

  • The speedometer should regularly be checked, and this is particularly important when a driver is leaving roads that have a high speed limit. All drivers should know the speed limits of the roads on which they travel, and remember that a designated speed limit is a maximum speed for travel and not a target.
  • Use the cruise control especially when travelling on long straight roads for great distances
  • Staying under the speed limit is all the more important when children are about, and drivers can reduce their likelihood of speeding by being aware of the circumstances in which they commonly speed, for example overtaking or keeping up with other traffic.
  • Manage your time - when possible leave earlier than planned so you don't feel rushed especially when caught in traffic or unplanned circumstances like bad weather
  • When a driver travels at high speed, less time is available for them to realise and react to everything that is happening around them. Essentially, a speeding driver takes longer to stop. When a driver is speeding and crashes, the crash tends to be more severe with an increased likelihood of injury to occupants of the cars or any pedestrians or riders involved.

All drivers should give themselves adequate time to travel to their destination and should monitor their speed. With careful driving, both lives and money on  car insurance can be saved.