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Ways to Prevent Home Robbery

Thief breaking into a house with a crowbar

While items like computers, electronics and jewellery can be covered by home and contents insurance, the replacement of your invaluable sentimental items is far more difficult.
However, robbery is not just about the items that are stolen. Here are just a few ways you can protect your house and family from burglary:

  • Carry out a security assessment of your property
  • Don't provide any opportunities for entering the property - such as an open window or large cat door. 
  • Ensure all of your locks and monitored home alarms are working properly
  • Don't display packaging from valuable products in your rubbish bins
  • Keep your sheds and garage locked and secure and do not hide spare keys in obvious places.

For more ways on how to prevent your house from a break-in or how to keep it safe while you're away, check out our infographic.