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Your Guide to the New South Wales Pink Slip

Pink slip

​​If you live in New South Wales and drive a car that’s more than five years old, you’ll most likely need a Pink Slip before you can renew your registration.1 

Having a good understanding of how Pink Slips work – and how they fit in with the ​other types of ‘slips’ you might need if you live in NSW – might help give you confidence that your car is ready, and eligible, for registration renewal.  

A Pink Slip is another name for a safety inspection report, which verifies that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.1 Once your vehicle is five years old, you’ll typically need a Pink Slip to remain on the road2 – just as you’ll need a ​Green Slip, which is the name for compulsory third party car insurance (CTP) in NSW. 

In this article, we’ll break down some of the facts on getting a Pink Slip, including when and how to get one, how much it can cost and how long it might last. 

How do I know if I need a Pink Slip? 

Most light vehicles that are more than five years old will likely require a Pink Slip in order to be registered in NSW.2 Trailers and caravans with an aggregate trailer mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (including those fitted with breakaway brakes but not including those fitted with air or vacuum breakaway braking systems) also typically require a Pink Slip if they’re older than five years.2 

If you’re renewing your registration, your registration renewal notice should indicate whether you need a Pink Slip.2 

How do I get a NSW Pink Slip? 

Your vehicle will usually need to be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) station to get your Pink Slip.1 You can find a safety inspection provider near you here.3 If your vehicle ​​passes the safety inspection, your inspector should send the inspection report to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) electronically.1 

Mobile Pink Slips are also available if you’re unable to get your vehicle to a safety check.4 Mobile examiners are authorised in the same way as regular safety check providers, and can also submit your inspection report electronically to TfNSW.4 

If your vehicle fails a safety check, you need to make the repairs before you can renew registration.2 

How much does a Pink Slip cost? 

Vehicle safety checks have set costs in NSW.5 As of October 2023, the Pink Slip cost in NSW is set at: 

  • Light vehicle: $46 
  • Motorcycle: $26 
  • Trailer without brakes: $24 
  • Trailer with brakes: $365 

If you’re using a mobile safety check provider, the Pink Slip cost is the same, but a call-out or travel fee may apply.4 

If your vehicle fails a safety check and you complete the necessary repairs within 14 days, you can take the vehicle to be reassessed at the same AIS station at no extra cost.2 If you repair the vehicle after the 14-day period ends, you’ll likely need to pay another inspection fee.2 

How long do Pink Slips last? 

NSW Pink Slips are valid for six months.2 In other words, you must use the safety report to renew registration within six months for the safety check to be valid.2 

If you don’t renew your registration within six months of getting your Pink Slip, you’ll need to get a new safety report before you’re able to renew your registration. If your vehicle is more than five years old, it’s likely you’ll need a new Pink Slip each year.2 

How early can I get a Pink Slip? 

​​You can get your Pink Slip up to six months before your registration renewal is due. For example, if your registration is due on 30 June, you can get your Pink Slip any time from 1 January through to 30 June. 

What do I do if I lose my Pink Slip? 

These days, rather than rely on a paper inspection report, authorised inspectors should send your Pink Slip to Transport for NSW electronically.2 This should also apply if you’re getting a mobile Pink Slip.4 

Once your report has been submitted, you should be able to renew your registration online or in person.6 There’s typically no need to display a physical copy of your safety report.   

Pink Slips vs Blue Slips: what’s the difference? 

The age and registration status of your vehicle will typically determine whether you’ll need a Pink Slip or a Blue Slip.2 

If your light vehicle is currently registered in NSW and is more than five years old, you’ll usually need a Pink Slip before renewing your registration or registering your car or motorbike for the first time. 

You’ll typically need a Blue Slip in order to register your vehicle in NSW if:7 

  • The registration expired more than three months ago 
  • It has been brought into NSW from interstate or overseas 
  • It has no number plates 
  • It was written off but has now been approved for re-registration 
  • The vehicle required adjustments in its registration record because something about it has changed significantly, such as a new engine 
  • It needs defect notices cleared7

While a Pink Slip inspection is an important step in keeping older cars safe and roadworthy, there are a number of options that can help keep you covered against unexpected events. If you’re looking for added protection, you might like to explore Youi’s range of car insurance options, or consider starting a quote online today. 

Information in this article is relevant as of October 2023 and by its nature will change over time. Check relevant government websites for updates if this information is important to you. 



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