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Fact checking

You-shaped insurance isn’t just about the products we sell. It’s also about the service we offer, and our customer-centric approach to the articles, guides and stories we create. Our people and processes aim to provide information that’s clear, accurate and meaningful. Here’s how we do it and who’s involved.

Our fact checking process

Our experienced authors and content creators go to great lengths to ensure the information contained within our articles is accurate and supported by credible sources and knowledgeable experts. We’re focused on providing honest and transparent content that can add value to readers’ lives; that can help offer a more complete picture and avenues to further information around the themes and topics we cover. 

To make this happen, we have a rigorous fact checking process in place, as outlined here.

Our authors create the initial draft, complete with any relevant Youi product expert’s input and information gained from credible and trusted sources.

The initial draft is passed on to one of our copywriters who checks the accuracy of information provided, including the quality of data and references.

Where relevant, the content is then handed to the relevant Product Specialist for them to check that any references to Youi products are accurate and in line with the applicable PDS.

Prior to publishing, the content is passed to the relevant Head of Product for them to conduct a final review and provide approval for the material to go live.

Our product experts

Our product team is extremely knowledgeable on Youi products and provides invaluable insights and feedback as part of the fact checking process. From new articles and web pages to updating existing content in line with revised legislation, the team plays a crucial role in making sure the information we provide is accurate, clear and current. 

Along with ensuring the product information contained in the content is in line with the applicable PDS at the time of publishing, they double-check facts and figures, closely scrutinising relevant data, sources and contributions so that all the information is as accurate as possible on the date of publication.

Marni Jackson

Marni Jackson


Marni is responsible for Youi’s car, motorcycle, watercraft, caravan and trailer portfolios. As head of these products, she leads the design, distribution, portfolio
management and delivery of the longer-term strategy, while analysing current and emerging industry trends to understand what the future of insurance looks like and the opportunities for innovation.


Mervyn Hartley


Across Youi’s home and small business insurance, Mervyn heads up the execution of business activities, performance, development and strategy. This includes making decisions that are data-driven and support long-term sustainable growth. Regular review and continuous improvement are a key focus for him, ensuring we’re always delivering the best for our customers and are on top of emerging trends.