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Continuing Our Commitment to Young Entrepreneurs

Youi X Generation Innovation

We’re thrilled to announce Youi’s multi-year commitment as the Platinum Sponsor for Generation Innovation (GI) through to the end of 2026. This partnership is a testament to our belief in the power of entrepreneurial spirit and the potential of young minds. 

Since our launch in 2008, Youi has grown from a local business to an industry leader, and we’re proud to inspire the youth of the Sunshine Coast with our story. Our alignment with GI’s mission to nurture young entrepreneurial minds resonates deeply with our own beginnings and values. 

With just over 21% of all team members at Youi under the age of 25, we appreciate the value that these programs provide for budding young entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs). We continue to encourage our young team members to enter the annual GI Challenge, firmly believing that the skills learned in these programs help build a better future for the participants and the communities within which they operate. 

Our Chief of People and Reputation, Russell Redsell, states the importance of providing opportunities to younger generations. 

“There is nothing more important than providing opportunities for our younger generations to learn and grow through exposure and experience, and the GI Challenge certainly provides this.”  

He adds, “I have personally observed the growth and increased confidence of the participants within the challenge, and I have no doubt that many of the challenge members will be household names in the decades to come.” 

Director of Generation Innovation, Emma Greenhatch, shares her excitement about the partnership. 

“Generation Innovation is thrilled to have Youi as our Platinum Sponsor through to the end of 2026. Their success story serves as an inspiration to our young entrepreneurs, showing them what’s possible with hard work, innovation, and a supportive community.” 

She adds, “We love having members of the Youi team actively involved in the program and look forward to working closely with them to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs.” 

Over the past six years, representatives from across Youi have supported, mentored, and served as judging panel members of the GI challenge. We’ve opened our Sunshine Coast HQ doors, welcoming the GI teams for intensive workshops and guest speaker sessions. 

This extended partnership allows us to continue supporting the next generation and championing groundbreaking ideas.