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Youi Wins Finder’s 2023 Best Car Insurance for Features Award

Finder Award 2023 Best Car Insurance for Features

Youi’s Comprehensive car insurance policy has been named Best Car Insurance for Features at this year’s Finder Awards.

Youi won due to its consistency in delivering quality motor policy features in a year of rising car and home insurance bills.  

Finder research shows more than half (55%) of car owners have seen a spike in their car insurance premium in the past 12 months.1 

And it's not only insurance bills that are causing worries for some drivers. Petrol is also on the mind, with nearly 1 in 4 (24%) Australians listing it as one of their most stressful expenses.2 

According to Finder, it’s Youi’s work in helping consumers navigate these headwinds that led to the insurer also being highly commended in the Value category in Finder’s annual awards.  

Youi placing second out of 32 comprehensive car insurance policies is an excellent achievement. It shows the Queensland-based provider is able to help deliver cost-effective insurance at a time when it’s sorely needed. 

How was the winner chosen?

Finder conducted an in-depth analysis of the car insurance market in Australia. In total, more than 1,000 quotes were sourced across 36 driver profiles. 

Some 640 features were compared in the awards process. For the Best Car Insurance for Features category, the final score was based on a 70/30 weighted split of features and price.  

The policies that scored highest were those that offered lots of features while still representing value for money. 

Youi won this year because it covers more than other insurers but is still a comparatively cheaper policy. 

Additionally, Youi has been credited 5 out of 5 stars in Finder’s ratings system for comprehensive car insurance – launched for the first time in 2023 – thanks to the comprehensiveness and pricing of its car insurance.  

Learn more about Finder’s award methodology and ratings here

Youi recognised for its policy features

Youi was cheaper than most comparable products analysed by Finder for its 2023 awards – offering lower pricing than 25 other insurers, out of 32 eligible providers researched.3  

In terms of features, Youi was the only provider to automatically include roadside assistance in its Comprehensive policy.4 

Recent Finder research suggests 9 million Australians are skipping important vehicle repairs given their struggles with cash. Motorists are driving with balding tyres, cracked windscreens and other problems.5  

In turn, consumers who don’t have cover for roadside assistance are leaving themselves open to potentially having more expensive towing costs if they get stuck at the side of the road. 

That’s less of a worry if you hold Comprehensive insurance with Youi, offering some extra peace of mind. 

Here are some further reasons that Youi’s features were recognised this year: 

  • Youi offers cover for loss or damage to contents inside the car as a result of an insured event up to $750 per claim, with a maximum of $150 per item6 – higher than many others who cap their limit at $500.7 
  • Customers can opt to insure their car at either market value or agreed value6 – the latter option giving more certainty on payout amounts.
  • By spending a little bit more upfront, Youi customers can choose if they’d like to go with their own choice of repairer.8 
  • Youi offers a number of other optional covers, including coverage for business items, campervan/motorhome contents upgrade8 and a hire car for other insured events9 for those after more wide-ranging cover. 

More details on Finder’s Awards program can be found here.


Article created by guest writer James Martin, insurance editor at Finder


Product issued by Youi Pty Ltd, consider our PDS and TMD to decide if this product is appropriate for you.

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