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Getting Saurabh sorted - A Youi claims case study

Saurabh sitting in his parked car as it gets assessed by a Youi assessor

One minute Saurabh was picking up some hardware supplies, the next he was nursing his bruised and battered car back home. A huge hailstorm had unexpectedly hit and done major damage to both his vehicles.

When he called Youi, an action plan was put in place – the claims process was moving. Assessments were organised. Repairs completed on one car, while the other was a write-off. We were onto it and got Saurabh’s claims sorted.

Saurabh listening


Normally when Saurabh visits the hardware store, he parks under cover. But on this day, he spotted a park closer to the door (not under cover), so took that instead. Not the best choice as it turned out.

You see on this day, one of the biggest hailstorms to ever hit the area was on its way. While browsing the aisles, Saurabh heard it start. The hail banging on the warehouse’s roof. He knew his car was in the firing line.

So he raced outside as the storm raged on, but it was too late. “When I went to the car, I saw the windscreen was broken. It was all damaged,” said Saurabh.

Upon arriving home from the hardware, he discovered that his other car had also been badly damaged. It’s then that he called through to Youi to lodge his claims.

Youi claims advisor Kerry handled Saurabh’s case, advising him of the next steps around how and where he could get his cars assessed.

The Youi hail assessment centres had quickly been set up in Saurabh’s area, so he was easily able to turn up on the scheduled date and get his vehicles assessed.

Driving through the specialised dent-detecting light tunnels, he was done within 10 minutes and didn’t need to leave the comfort of his car.

Both of Saurabh’s claims were authorised on the spot. One car was able to be repaired, while the other was classified as a total loss – uneconomical to be fixed.

So for that one, Saurabh received a cash settlement for its market value. And for the repairable vehicle, he was back into the centre a few weeks later to the have the panel and paint work done.

Saurabh’s currently working out what he’ll buy to replace the written-off vehicle. In the meantime, he’s happy to drive around in his other, fully repaired car and happy with the way Youi handled everything.

“I’m glad that I did the policy with Youi. I feel very good. The car is back, it feels like it’s a brand new car.”

Saurabh smiling in front of car