Youi Stories.

For individuals like Nyoka

Image of Nyoka looking straight faced

What are your assumptions about her?

What do you think Nyoka does for a living? What does she care about? What does she see as important when it comes to dealing with people? 

From the outside, it’s not always easy to tell who someone really is. So rather than make assumptions about Nyoka, we listened and asked questions to find out what it is that makes her an individual. 

Nyoka owns her own café, so she knows the value of a satisfied customer.

That’s why she likes that Youi has won Canstar’s Most Satisfied Home Insurance Customers nationally for the second year running, in 2021 and now again in 2022.

Image of Nyoka smiling with Canstar logo beside her.

How close were your assumptions about Nyoka?

On the money or way off the mark? 

Lots of people have pre-conceived ideas about who others are and what they do. Problem is, those pre-conceived ideas can often be completely wrong.

That’s why, at Youi, we don’t make assumptions. 

We take the time to discover what’s important so we can provide insurance for individuals.