Youi Stories.

For individuals like Stef

Image of Stef looking straight faced.

What are your assumptions about her?

Is she the quiet type do you think? Someone who likes to keep to herself and not make a racket? Or is she more into putting herself out there and putting on a bit of a show for people?

From the outside, it’s not always easy to tell who someone really is. So rather than make assumptions about Stef, we listened and asked questions to find out what it is that makes her an individual.

Stef is a drummer in a rock’n’roll band. If her drum kit breaks, it’s important she can replace it. 

That’s why she loves that with Youi, if you buy a brand new car, and it’s a total loss within 2 years, we’ll replace it with a new one or pay the replacement cost.*
Image of Stef smiling

How close were your assumptions about Stef?

On the money or way off the mark? 

Lots of people have pre-conceived ideas about who others are and what they do. Problem is, those pre-conceived ideas can often be completely wrong.

That’s why, at Youi, we don’t make assumptions. 

We take the time to discover what’s important so we can provide insurance for individuals.

Product issued by Youi Pty Ltd, consider our car PDS when deciding if this product is appropriate for you. PDS and TMD available at If your car is a total loss from an insured event within 24 months of you purchasing the new car, we’ll replace it with a new one or pay the equivalent replacement cost to a maximum of the sum insured.