Inside of a recently renovated home

3 Easy Home Renovations That Increase Property Value

Thinking of putting your house on the market anytime soon? Before you do, consider making these 3 quick, easy and cost-effective home renovations to increase your property value and attract more potential buyers.

1. Revamp the Kitchen

Between cooking, eating, snacking and cleaning the seemingly endless pile of dishes, there’s no doubt that the kitchen is where most of the action is. In order for this room to bring people together, it needs to have enough space. Try rearranging your appliances to allow for more counter space, and extending a counter into a breakfast bar to create room for entertaining. Minimal decor is also a great way to open up the room and create the illusion of more wide, open space.

2. Add a Bathroom

No one likes waiting in line to use the toilet, particularly in their own house. Assess your space and try to find an area that is underutilised, such as a corner of the house or a small room that’s too tiny to be a bedroom but too big to be a closet. Depending on available size and budget, you may decide to build just a small toilet area or a full bathroom with a shower. Either way, ensure this new addition is in close proximity to the bedrooms to make it extra appealing.

3. Make over Your Lawn

You know what they say - You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whilst budget restrictions may limit the changes you can make to the shell of your house, one thing you can change with minimal fuss is your front yard. Trimming the shrubs and planting a colourful garden is a simple, cost-effective way to highlight your home’s best features (and distract from the not so great ones!) If budget allows, install a new front door and you’ll have people knocking in no time to make an offer.

 Those are our top tips for increasing your property value, we'd love to hear some of yours below.