5 Ways To Save On Car Insurance

As long as you're driving you'll need car insurance, so naturally you'll want to get the best price on it.

Although every insurer is different, there are some behaviours that put you at more risk for a collision and in general, the higher the risk, the higher the car insurance premium.

So to be on the safe side, here are 5 things that could help you save on car insurance.

Park your car in your garage

It may sound like a no-brainer, but parking your car in your garage lowers your risk for damage or theft, as it's out of sight from thieves and sheltered from the weather. If saving on your car insurance isn't enough reason to park your car securely, just think of the peace of mind you'll gain knowing it's safe and sound.

Don't use your mobile phone

It's no surprise that using your mobile phone while driving makes you a danger to yourself and others on the road. By the same token, not using your phone puts you at less risk of an accident and could lower your car insurance premium. Just be cautious of using hands-free accessories, as some insurers will classify this as risky since talking over the phone, whether hands-free or not, still takes your attention off the road.

Only make legal car modifications

While standard modifications like custom paint jobs won't often likely affect your car insurance quote, others may, particularly if they are deemed as illegal. In general, the following 3 illegal modifications could increase your premium:

  • Lowering your car: A lowered car could mean paying more for car insurance, as it's more likely to scrape on curbs and dip in the road and speeds bumps. It also puts your car at risk for blowouts due to frequent rubbing against wheel arches
  • Tinted windows: Shade and privacy is nice, but it could come at a cost. Window tints of a certain degree aren't only unsafe, but can also be deemed illegal if they don't meet the following requirements: The window tint must allow for 35% of light to get through the side & rear windows. For windscreen, 75% of the light must get through and only the upper 10% of the glass may be tinted.
  • Tyre replacements: Who would have thought replacing your tyres could increase your car insurance premium? Tyre replacements are considered a car modification, and one that could be unsafe if they don't comply with your car manufacturer's minimum load carrying capacity specifications. They could also be illegal if they change the tyre's overall diameter by more than 7% of the original diameter.

Leave your car at home during the day

Need an excuse to ride your bike to work or take the scenic route by train? Leaving your car at home and commuting to work, whether by bus, carpool, bike, etc., could help you save on car insurance as the less it's on the road, the less risk it becomes.

Park securely during the day

Similar to the idea of leaving your car in the garage overnight, parking it securely during the day (ie underground or in a dedicated car park) could also help you save on car insurance as it's safe from the hustle and bustle of busy streets. 

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