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Is Your Home Underinsured?

Underinsurance is an issue that is running rampant across Australia. Did you know that the Insurance Council of Australia estimates that roughly 83...
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Handling Home Insurance Cover After a Renovation

Whether you’re making a few upgrades around the house or you’re undergoing a full-blown renovation, when things change around the house your home...
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Could Climate Change Impact The Way Homes Are Insured?

From catastrophic fires to devastating floods and severe storms, Australia has witnessed first hand the rise in extreme weather events due to clima...
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What to do when you return to your property after flood

Following a severe weather event, it can be a stressful experience when returning to your home or business, especially if there’s been damage to yo...
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10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Building & Contents Insurance

When buying home and contents insurance, it is important that you find a product that is both good value for money and gives security to your...
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Getting Jenny sorted - A Youi claims case study

Jenny was told she might get a little flooding downstairs, but not to worry. When she reached down from her bed in the middle of the night and felt...
Michael and Saffron standing in front of their home during the repair process
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Getting Michael sorted - A Youi claims case study

When a huge hailstorm hit Michael and Saffron’s home, things went from calm to carnage in a matter of minutes. Gigantic hailstones destroying roof...
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Comparing Home and Contents Insurance Providers: What to Look For

If you’re like most people, your home is probably the most expensive and valuable asset you’ll ever own. So having the right home insurance can...
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Moving in with a Partner? Check Your Home Insurance Cover

Moving in with a partner is an exciting stage in a relationship — and in life overall.
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Who do you call when there’s a car in your living room?

It was just another Sunday night — the footy had finished and Stephen Bailey was turning off the lights when catastrophe struck: an out-of-control...
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Ways to Save on Home Insurance

Savings and Youi go together like good cheese and fine wine. And as it happens, you might be able to afford a lot more of both if you switch your...
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5 Fantastic Ideas To Make Your Man Cave Awesome.

Reno extraordinaires, Shannon and Simon Vos, have been flat out creating the Ultimate Man Cave for their mate Tim, with the help of YouiRewards. Th...
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Declutter your home. Make room for a Man Cave.

Decluttering your life and home is the talk of the nation right now. Op-shops are being overloaded with donations (its true ), storage systems are...
Vos Brothers team up with YouiRewards
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The Vos Brothers team up with YouiRewards to create the ultimate Man Cave

The Block winners and reno extraordinaires Shannon and Simon Vos are going to transform an empty basement into the ultimate Man Cave for their mate...
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The Top 10 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing Home Contents Insurance

Think about all the things you own around your home. You’ve spent good money on them and they mean a lot to you. So how would you feel about having...
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What is Home Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Take a look around your home — there’s the new flat screen TV you were so excited to show off to your mates. The lounge suite you bought after...
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How to avoid a Halloween insurance Claim with Youi Home & Contents Insurance

Halloween is nearly upon us – also known as the one day of the year you can dress up in your scariest attire not raise any eyebrows. Although it ma...
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Would you be ready for a power outage? How to prepare.

The warmer months are well and truly upon us – hello spring! But as with every new season there are a whole new set of weather hazards we need to...
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Do I need home insurance if I'm renting?

If you're renting a unit, an apartment or a house, you've probably wondered whether or not you need home insurance .
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How to Prepare For Cyclones, Floods & Severe Weather

When a severe weather warning is issued, what do you do?
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Myths About Landlord Insurance

If you rent a property, you know all too well the stress of trying to protect your building when you're not actually in it. While landlord insuranc...
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Top 5 Home Insurance Myths

From comparing quotes to trying to get the best premium, buying home insurance can be a tricky process - made even trickier by the abundance of hom...
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A First Home Owner's Guide to Home Insurance

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting and overwhelming events you'll ever experience, and it starts well before you sign the dotted...
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How to Prevent a Clark Griswold Christmas Disaster

At first glance, John Hughes iconic '90s Christmas film  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation  may appear to be all about bringing family together...
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