Man holding a bottle out of the window of a parked car

Drunk Driving Victim Sam Coward Shares His Brush With Death

On a Friday night in 1999, Sam Coward was travelling with his wife and dog when he suddenly found himself dangling upside-down, held up only by his seatbelt.

The Hot 91 Breakfast Host made a special appearance at our Queensland Road Safety Week event to share why road safety is a cause close to his heart.

Looking back on the night that nearly ended his life, Sam tried to convey his near death experience after being run off the road by a drunk driver.

"Just that moment when you're driving along, having the time of your life, listening to songs and feeling the breeze in your hair, and the next minute you're rolling, seeing sky and dirt... and you just realise how close you are to not breathing and not living and not being here."

Here is his story.

If you want to help make our roads a safer place, the best place to start is by pledging to avoid the fatal five: Speeding, Drink Driving, Distractions, Fatigue and Mobile phones. 

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