Evenly spaced lights in a dark room

Going Beyond Earth Hour: More than the yearly “unplug”.

Plenty of homes and businesses will be switching off the lights this Saturday for Earth Hour. At Youi, we’ll be doing the same – but that’s only the beginning. At Youi HQ, we have over 1,200 team members working from our office every day and we’re proud of the environmental initiatives we’ve put in place.

Let’s start with the lighting. All lights throughout the building are LED – the most energy-efficient bulbs available – timed and sensored to switch off automatically when not required. That means if there’s no movement for 15 minutes, the lights go off to help save power.

When you’re based on the Sunshine Coast, air conditioning is a must, but we’ve taken steps to make sure we use it in the most efficient way possible. All windows in the 4 story building are double glazed to keep more of the air inside the building, and ensure the Air Con works at its optimum level.

Outside of the building, water tanks help us to secure 200,000 litres worth of water – used for watering all of the surrounding gardens, and water flow for all the toilets in the building.

What’s to come:

These actions are only the beginning with plans well underway to bring in some new additions soon. We’re looking into a plan for solar power, a 98.3 kw system, which would drop our usage of traditional power by nearly 9%.

And we’re investigating the addition of an eWater Hygiene System. This state-of-the-art system uses water electrolysis technology to produce a non-toxic and sustainable cleaning and sanitising solution. This system would help us to reduce chemical use by up to 80%.

We’re proud to be one of the Sunshine Coast’s largest employers, and consider it our responsibility to do the right thing for the planet and our local community.