A road going through hills

How To Plan A Stress-Free Weekend Roadtrip

Whether it's for a change of scenery or change of pace, weekend road trips are the perfect way to squeeze in a bite sized adventure.

However, without the right planning, your idea of a relaxing road getaway could be anything but. Take the worry out planning your road trip by being prepared. Here are 5 ways to make it stress-free.

1. Check the Weather

Nothing spoils a good road trip like bad weather, making it hazardous to drive and literally dampening any outdoor plans you may have. Check the weather for your route ahead of time using an app like Travel Butler, which checks the weather for you and even advises on what to pack.

2. Plan Your Route Around Conditions

Once you and your travel companions have decided on your destination, plan out the best possible route to get there, factoring in the weather, road and traffic conditions. You'll also want to ensure the route you choose has adequate petrol, food and entertainment stops along the way.

3. Give Your Car a Health Check-Up

Who knows what the road can bring, so make sure your car is prepared for whatever comes its way. Even if you're planning a spontaneous, last minute road trip, there's still time to make your car road-ready. Before you go, give it a quick health check-up by:

  • Checking and refilling your oil
  • Filling up the tank
  • Checking tyre pressure
  • Checking all vital fluids
  • Packing an emergency road kit
  • Ensuring you have a spare tyre & the tools to change it

4. Be Emergency Ready

Emergencies are bound to happen on the road, whether you break down or someone just needs the loo. To make sure you're prepared, map your route around essential stops like petrol stations and restaurants, and have a list of emergency numbers stored in your phone like roadside assistance in case you need to call for help. You should also keep a spare phone charger in the glove compartment in case your mobile runs out of battery.

5. Plan Some Entertainment

As fun as they are, sometimes being stuck in a car with the same people for long periods of time can test our patience. To keep the peace and to stave off boredom, plan some car games ahead of time. Some of our favourites include:

  • I Spy
  • The License Plate Game (who can spot the farthest license plate)
  • 21 Questions
  • The Movie Game (Someone says an actor's name, someone else names a movie they were in, someone else names another actor from that movie and so forth)
  • The Alphabet Game (Start with a category, ie., food. Everyone names food that starts with A, and then work your way down the alphabet)
  • Word Association (Someone says a word, another person says a word they think of when they hear it, and so forth)

Ready to start planning your weekend roadtrip? Read up on what to do if your car breaks down to be extra prepared!